How can you protect yourself to stay in shape this winter?

In this article, we'll provide you with a few tips and tricks to help you strengthen your immune system and stay healthy this winter! Some tips are well known but easily forgotten. So read this article to discover or rediscover how to stay in shape this winter!

A balanced diet:

First of all, as usual, diet plays an important role for your immunity. It is important to eat healthy to strengthen your immune system. It is best to eat more whole grains, legumes and fish. All these foods are rich in minerals and vitamins.

If you feel like snacking, choose fresh fruit (especially citrus fruit), dried fruit in small quantities (providing zinc, magnesium and calcium) and dairy products instead of chips and biscuits rich in bad calories.

But that's not all, eating a balanced diet also means not skipping meals. Your body needs energy to fight viruses. You can also find plenty of recipes for herbal teas and infusions to boost your body. Honey is often recommended, as well as ginger, thyme, lemon, cinnamon... Don't hesitate to look for recipes and try new things that will do you good!

Finally, recent studies have shown the effectiveness of vitamin D, and the importance of taking it as a supplement at a time when, in general, we are sorely lacking it with the lack of sunshine. This was notably recommended by the French National Academy of Medicine on May 22nd. Zinc and Vitamin C are also very important to strengthen the immune system and preventing viral infections. Of course, this should not replace a healthy and balanced diet, but it can be a boost these weeks.
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Practicing physical activity:

Although going out to do sports when it's cold can be scary, there's nothing like a little exercise to keep you in shape. Just walking for 20 to 30 minutes a day is beneficial and helps eliminate toxins from your body. Don't worry, when you are in motion, if you are well covered you won't get cold!

An adapted outfit:

As we have said, it is important to exercise, go out and get some fresh air to stay in shape, and eat well, but one of the most important things is not to catch a cold. This would damage our immune system and make it easier for the virus and other diseases to take over. Therefore, we must remember to wrap up and protect ourselves from the cold. To do this, BellePaga offers you hats (for Women & Men), jumpers (for Women & Men), warm socks (for Women & Men)... anything that will keep you warm and dry! Indeed, BellePaga clothing is thermo-regulating. The items will therefore keep your body at the right temperature, without making you sweat!

Be careful, when you go outside, it is often through your hands, feet and head that you lose the most heat (between 10 and 30% heat loss). It is therefore very important to cover the extremities of your body and also your neck properly to avoid getting cold. Prevention is better than cure! 

Ventilate your interior:

Even when it's cold outside, you must continue to ventilate your home. Opening the windows wide open for a few minutes allows fresh air to enter and stale air to leave (the latter increases the risk of disease transmission).

Sleep well:

Remember that the body needs 7 to 9 hours of sleep to be in shape. When you are tired or nervous, you are more likely to get sick. Don't forget to choose your duvet carefully to improve your nights! You can find some on BellePaga with 100% woven alpaca inside and a 100% Pima cotton cover.

Decrease your stress:

Stress will tire your body and spoil your nights, so it is necessary to reduce it. To do this, each person has their own technique! Some people prefer sports such as running or cycling to let off steam and eliminate tension. Others will prefer calmer activities such as yoga, meditation, drawing or a small massage. To each his own method as long as it is effective!

Treat yourself!

It is important to do activities that make us happy (while remaining safe of course).

But don't forget to have fun, pamper yourself! It is important not to neglect yourself during this period. The days are getting shorter and shorter and the lack of light can be a blow to morale and mood. To counter this, it is important to find activities that boost your morale! Try new things, a massage day, a wellness day, a cooking day, a walk, gardening...

Hygiene measures:

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We've been telling you since March, hygiene measures are also more than important to keep you in good health. These include hand hygiene. Remember to wash your hands regularly to eliminate the germs that cling to them. And don't touch your face when you haven't washed your hands.  Sneeze into your elbow. Of course, keep as much distance as possible, don't shake hands, don't kiss, and wear your mask when you are in contact with other people! Choose a nice mask, many styles are on sale and it may be a little balm for your soul.

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