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BellePaga invites you to discover the benefits of alpaca wool directly from your home, in your personal space. Indeed, this wool is well known and loved in the world of ready-to-wear, so why not expand it and adapt it to your home decoration? Alpaca wool accessories will bring warmth, softness and sobriety by transporting you into a cocooning and hygge universe. Don't you dream of cool days wrapped up in a thermo-regulating duvet or a plaid, accompanied by fluffy and adorable personalized stuffed animals or with unique products knitted with your own hands?
To maintain and care for your alpaca wool garments, BellePaga offers various products such as shampoo for delicate wools, conditioner spray for alpaca wool or lavender sachets to repel moths and leave a pleasant scent on your clothes.

Why alpaca wool?

Alpaca wool is considered to be one of the highest quality and most precious of all. Compared to sheep's wool, it is 7 times warmer and 4 times stronger. Moreover, it does not pilling, does not smell when washed and can be worn next to the skin without itching thanks to its incredible softness. Alpaca wool is often associated with cashmere, but it has an additional advantage: it is one of the most environmentally friendly wools available. Unlike cashmere goats, alpacas do not destroy the pastures. It has pads on its legs that allow it to flatten the ground, unlike the hooves that rake it. The camelid also does not pull up the roots of the grass it feeds on. As a result, the grass grows back more quickly. The alpaca's living requirements are also lower, so it consumes fewer resources.
In addition to this, alpaca wool is thermoregulatory and breathable, which means that it keeps you warm in all seasons, without retaining moisture. This is due to the fact that alpacas are subject to extreme temperature variations, so their wool protects them in all circumstances.
Finally, alpaca wool is suitable for everyone, even the most sensitive. Its hypoallergenic properties prevent allergy reactions such as itching, redness and irritation. It is the only material that does not contain lanolin, a substance known to be allergenic and present in sheep's wool, for example.

Alpaca interior decoration

In our collection you will find many items made of Alpaca wool to furnish your home. We offer different sizes of quilts filled with Alpaca wool and various styles of Alpaca and Baby Alpaca plaids. We also offer various items such as real Alpaca plush toys and key rings, Alpaca wool balls, cleaning products and lavender bags.