Alpaca Clothing and accessories for men

Alpaca wool jumpers and accessories for men are all handmade or finished by hand by Peruvian artisans. In our collection of Alpaca accessories for men, you will find Alpaca wool socks, Alpaca gloves, Alpaca fiber scarves, hats, slippers and Baby Alpaca wool jumpers for men. Whether you are looking for a gift for someone, or simply want to treat yourself, the Alpaca wool clothing and accessories will take you on a journey to the softness and warmth of the Andes Mountains. All our items are created from Alpaca wool, which has many virtues such as its thermoregulatory and insulating properties. In addition to its amazing softness, our fibre is lightweight and hypoallergenic. Our Alpaca wool can be worn next to the skin, even by the most sensitive skin.

Alpaca fibre 

Alpaca has an extraordinary textile fibre, this wool produced with the fur of the animal is great for all its advantages like warmth, softness and comfort. It is softer, warmer, more resistant and lighter than any other wool. The Alpaca is an amazing animal that lives in the mountains of Peru and is exposed to extreme weather conditions every day, so the temperature of its wool is very robust and thermoregulatory. When it is cold outside it will warm you up and when it is hot outside it will cool you down.
Our clothes are therefore suitable for winter and summer. Wool is very soft and durable, so it is a good choice for men who need quality clothing. Alpaca is the only lint-free wool, so it can be used for a long time without losing its quality.

BellePaga Men's range 

You can discover a variety of accessories made of Alpaca fibre, such as socks, scarves, hats, gloves and jumpers that you won't be able to do without!
And all of this in unbeatable comfort, warmth and softness. What's more, all our products are finished or handmade by Peruvian craftsmen with traditional know-how! So don't wait any longer to test the virtues of this exceptional fibre!