Alpaca hat for men 

An Alpaca wool hat for men: the best choice to accompany you this winter! Our men's Alpaca hats are very warm, soft and durable. You will certainly enjoy them!

BellePaga presents a collection of Peruvian hats, made of Alpaca wool. They will protect you from the cold in all elegance. A must-have item to bring you comfort and warmth, and a unique style, during the coldest periods.

Alpaca wool hat

Our men's Alpaca wool hats are of the highest quality. They are made of Baby Alpaca (the finest natural fibre from the shearing of adult animals). This natural fibre is ideal for hats and for the comfort of the wearer.

We carefully select the wool from farms in Bolivia and Peru. The Alpagas live in their natural environment at an altitude of over 4000m, on the mountain range of the Andes.

Alpaca fibre

This fibre is known as one of the most luxurious and resistant natural fibres.

It is extremely soft and can be worn by even the most sensitive skin. It is also a very warm fibre (7 times warmer than sheep's wool), which is very important when you consider that 25% of body heat is lost through the head when it is cold.

Alpaca wool is also very resistant (4 times more than sheep's wool) and is the only wool that does not pill. It is therefore a durable fibre which makes it an excellent long-term investment.

Alpaca hat

Finally, the Alpaca wool beanie has become the winter accessory you can't do without! You can wear it for a walk in the city, choosing a casual and trendy style, or for a refreshing and relaxing walk in the nature. The young and casual look of our Alpaca men's beanie will appeal to everyone, of all ages.
Because of their elasticity, they adapt to all head shapes and fit perfectly on all faces. Soft and warm, the woolen hat will be your best ally for this winter!

Each Alpaca wool beanie is handmade by craftsmen who have an ancestral know-how. By supporting BellePaga, you are supporting fundamental values that advocate humanity and morality.

Lighweight, soft, warm and elegant, the men's Alpaca wool beanie from our collection will provide you with an exceptional comfort experience.

Our men's Alpaca hats are very pleasant to the touch and even more so to wear, therefore we have made them available in men's and women's versions so that everybody can enjoy a warm season.

The Alpaca fibre used in our men's hats can be divided into two main parts: Alpaca fibre and Baby Alpaca fibre. The wool made from Baby Alpaca fibre is finer (maximum 23 microns for Baby Alpaca against 29 microns for Alpaca fibre) and does not come from young Alpacas, but from the first shearing of the animal. At the time of the first shearing, it has a finer coat of fibres than in later shearings. Baby Alpaca wool is an extremely soft, silky and shiny fibre like silk. It is so comfortable that it can be worn next to the skin. It is ideal for the creation of men's hats. This wool is considered to be the softest and most prestigious natural fibre in the world. It is rare and represents less than 10% of the total world production of Alpaca fibre. Baby Alpaca is a premium fibre, which we have selected especially for you in most of the articles in our shop.

Alpaca wool is clearly distinguished by its insulating power, which is 7 times greater than sheep's wool. Its unrivalled softness is close to cashmere wool. It protects you effectively from the cold, with softness, without ever making you sweat thanks to its thermoregulatory properties. Alpaca has to adapt to temperature variations of up to 30 degrees during the same day. To do this, it has developed a fleece made up of fine, silky fibres that are particularly thermoregulating. In addition, its high insulating power allows you to wear light and comfortable clothes while protecting you from the cold.

Alpaca wool is also incredibly lightweight, pleasant to wear and respects even the most sensitive skin thanks to its hypoallergenic properties. These are the reasons why NASA equipped its astronauts with this wool at the beginning of the space conquest.

Alpaca is an elastic fibre that allows your clothes and accessories to be particularly comfortable, while at the same time moulding to your body. It is an ideal wool to wear in winter, in the mid-season, for hiking, winter sports, or for cooler evenings in summer.

Alpaca wool has a high resistance and hardly pills. This allows you to extend the life of your Alpaca wool hat and enjoy it for longer. Try it and you won't be able to do without it!

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