Extremely soft and comfortable, our alpaca women's slippers will warmly accompany you during the coldest seasons. These are unique women's slippers made of real Alpaca Suri fur. Your feet will be warm in these slippers!

There are two different breeds of alpacas, the Huacayas and the Suris. They are distinguished above all by their fibre. Both species have a silky fleece with almost no hard fibers. As a result, both species of alpacas produce a luxury fibre. The hair of Suri alpaca is very soft, silky, longer and as fine as the "classic" Huacaya alpaca. More than 95% of alpacas are Huacayas. This means that Suris do not even represent 5% of the world's alpaca population and are still very rare. Suri differs from Huacaya in that it has a huge, glossy, straight fiber that hangs down and forms long curls giving a totally different appearance.

Alpaca wool stands out clearly by its insulating power which is 7 times higher than that of sheep's wool, and its unequalled softness which is close to that of cashmere wool. This wool therefore protects you much better from the cold, gently, without ever making you sweat thanks to its thermoregulatory properties. Alpaca must adapt to temperature variations that can range from -25 to 30 degrees during the same day. For this purpose, he has developed a fleece composed of very fine and silky fibres that are particularly thermoregulatory. It also respects the most sensitive skin thanks to its hypoallergenic properties. Alpaca wool has a high resistance, and does not pilling. This allows you to extend the life of your clothes and accessories. You can keep them in good condition much longer.

Our alpaca women's slippers are trendy and will be the comfort of your winter. Lightweight and intensely soft, the slippers are extremely comfortable to wear. Moreover, alpaca is hypoallergenic: it is suitable for the most sensitive skins and these slippers can therefore be worn barefoot without any problem. Sensitive and sensitive feet will love these warm slippers made of very warm and insulating Alpaca. Indulge your feet with these ultra-light and warm slippers.

Alpaca provides you with warm and insulating women's slippers. Comfortable and cozy, fall in love with these interior slippers filled with 100% natural wool! They are equipped with an ultra-comfortable sole. Beautiful pair of alpaca slippers. For warm feet all winter long! A case of warmth and softness for your feet. These Alpaca filled slippers are soft, light and very warm. You will never leave them again! Comfortable and elegant. You will be won over by the effectiveness of these very comfortable slippers! Pretty, elegant, sober... We are full of praise for presenting these superb women's slippers. Warmth and softness are guaranteed for the most sensitive and cold feet. Ideal for all those suffering from cold feet, BellePaga alpaca slippers provide fast warmth and great comfort.

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