Alpaca walk

Are you looking for an original activity to do with family, friends or as a couple ? BellePaga will help you discover the nearest Alpaca farm to you.

Visit the farm, take a pleasant walk in the animal's company or even stay at a hostel. We have selected the best places for you to spend a unique experience of softness and conviviality.

Would you like to participate in an unusual, affordable and memorable activity in nature?

Have you heard of alpacas, these cuddly and friendly camelids of about 80 cm?
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It is now easy to meet them, visit their home, go on an alpaca walk, celebrate your birthday with them or even sleep close to their environment. A unique experience to enjoy as a couple or with your family!
To make this magical encounter possible, BellePaga provides you with the very first platform bringing together alpaca farmers in Europe. Thanks to this platform, you can find out which farm is located near your home!

Alpaca farm

Enjoy a day of discovering and visiting alpaca farms and breeders, both for entertainment and to expand your knowledge. Go for an alpaca walk and feel the softness of the animal and its wool of the gods, through an immersive experience in the very core of their environment. As truly passionate people who love their job, the breeders will answer all your questions and guide you in your discovery of the alpaca.

Depending on the alpaca farm you choose, you will be able to take part in an alpaca walk/trekking in nature, feed them, brush them, visit their habitat, organize events such as birthdays, photoshoots, bachelorette parties, or even stay in a specialized alpaca inn. There are many different alpaca experiences to choose from, so you'll be sure to find what you're looking for!
An alpaca farm takes care of the animal's different needs so that its environment is similar to its natural habitat, the Andes Mountains in Peru. Indeed, it is necessary to take into account the surface area, the exposure to the sun and the type of vegetation growing on the land when creating the alpaca farm. Moreover, these animals live in herds and cannot live alone, so they must be accompanied. As far as their reproduction is concerned, it must be supervised by specialized veterinarians.
An alpaca farm is therefore an ideal place for these camelids to develop and flourish. Lovers of the human company will be delighted to welcome you with kisses and cuddles. Your visit will please them as much as it will please you!

Alpaca breeders

Each breeder has a diploma enabling him to open his alpaca farm. This training takes several years and is very rigorous and selective. Many things must be taken into account to respect the animal and its living conditions.
The purpose of an alpaca farm can either be purely for entertainment (for alpaca walks for example) or to exploit the alpaca wool, wool with multiple virtues offering you quality, soft and warm clothes.
Alpaca wool is indeed very fine wool but very warm and resistant, much more than sheep's wool! The alpaca is an animal that sometimes has to tolerate extreme temperature variations on the same day, it is thermoregulatory to protect him. It will therefore provide you with the necessary warmth you need in winter while keeping you at the right temperature in summer, without sweating. The alpaca wool fibre is breathable, so say goodbye to humidity and bad odours. Finally, it is suitable for all skin types and can be worn next to the skin without causing allergic reactions.
BellePaga, in its platform of various alpaca farms, has carefully selected some partner farms to work with that could be near you. They respect the values of our brand, which are: respect for the animal, the environment, the workers and the know-how. We collaborate transparently and base our relationship on dialogue and respect.
You can find BellePaga products for men, women and your home in our partner farms. After your visit, you will be able to discover the advantages of this wool and keep a physical souvenir of your visit to the farm. It's a great way to make this alpaca experience unforgettable! BellePaga is also committed to offering you quality products by using only baby alpaca fibre, the softest and most luxurious fibre of alpaca wool, also known as "wool of the gods".
Don't hesitate, share a unique moment, have an alpaca experience thanks to the visits to alpaca farms. The alpacas are waiting for you to brighten up each other’s days!
To discover or rediscover BellePaga, we invite you to visit our partner farms!
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How does the platform work?

Simply enter your town in the search bar and our platform will tell you which alpaca farms are near you and what they offer. Depending on the activities you want to do, you can choose the one that appeals to you the most. We have provided contact details for each farm to make your experience easier.

Are you a breeder and want to become a partner?

We are currently interested in expanding our partnerships with breeders. If you are a breeder who provides visits and activities and you would like to collaborate with us in order to promote your activity and expand your shop's offer, do not hesitate to contact us by clicking on the button below.