Gloves made of alpaca wool or baby alpaca for men: So warm, so soft...

Alpaca fibre is divided into 2 main categories: Alpaca fibre and Baby Alpaca fibre. Baby Alpaca wool is finer (about 22.5 microns versus 29 microns) and does not always come from young Alpacas, but from the first shearing of the animal because it has a fine coat at that time. Baby Alpaca is an extremely soft, silky and shiny fibre like silk. It is so comfortable that it can be worn directly on the skin. Baby Alpaca is considered as the softest and most prestigious natural fibre in the world.
It is rare and represents less than 10% of the total world production of Alpaca fibres. Baby Alpaca is a luxury fibre, which has been specially selected for you in most of the items in our shop. Alpaca wool stands out clearly thanks to its insulating power which is 7 times higher than that of sheep's wool, and its unequalled softness which is close to that of cashmere wool. This wool provides much better protection against the cold without ever making you sweat thanks to its thermoregulatory properties.
In addition, its high thermal insulating power allows you to wear light and pleasant clothing while protecting yourself perfectly from the cold. Alpaca is incredibly light, pleasant to wear, and respects the most sensitive skin thanks to its hypoallergenic properties. Alpaca being a very elastic fibre, it allows our clothes and accessories to adapt perfectly to the shapes of your body. Alpaca wool is very resistant, and it does not pilling. As a result, your clothes have a much longer life span. You can keep them in good condition much longer.

Our 100% Baby Alpaca men's gloves are made entirely by hand by craftsmen with extensive know-how. They are beautifully knitted by hand, alpaca gloves are sophisticated and will bring chic to your outfit. Classic and solid-coloured, you can match them with any outfit. In addition, the thinness of the hook stitch guarantees you an optimal flexibility that fits perfectly to your hand. These elegant alpaca gloves will allow you to enjoy all the exceptional benefits of Alpaca's natural wool.

Light, soft, warm, thermoregulatory, hypoallergenic and with an elegant design, these gloves will perfectly protect you against the cold, and will provide you with an exceptional comfort experience. This pair of alpaca wool gloves will guarantee you effective protection against winter temperatures because this wool is warm and soft. These alpaca gloves will keep your hands warm. They are perfect for the cold days of autumn, winter and spring. The finesse of alpaca wool allows you to store gloves easily in your pockets.

Avoid freezing fingers this winter and enjoy the remarkable softness of a pair of alpaca wool gloves! These gloves will be the refined touch of your winter: gloves, with a refined style to dress your winter outfits in one go. Ideal for keeping hands warm! These are the gloves you need if you want to keep your fingers warm!

Finally, our alpaca gloves for men are made in accordance with BellePaga's core values, namely in a short circuit, in the country of origin of the wool (Peru), with full respect for the environment, animals and craftsmen paid at their fair value.

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