Alpaca wool gloves for men: comfort, softness, warmth...

Alpaca fibres

Our BellePaga brand uses two types of natural fibres for the production of its articles: the first one is Alpaca fibre, the second one is called Baby Alpaca fibre. This fibre is known for its exceptional virtues, in fact it is more delicate but also finer than all other wools (its size is about 22.5 microns). Its name is sometimes confusing because it does not come from young Alpacas as we might think, but it is actually from the first shearing of an Alpaca which usually takes place in early spring. This is when the fibre is at its softest and most delicate. Indeed, during the shearing period, the animal still has its fine delicate coat, and is therefore stripped at that time of the year for its own comfort in the upcoming warmer temperatures, but also to benefit from the exceptional qualities of its coat at that time of the year.

Baby Alpaca fibre has many virtues: it is extremely soft, very silky and shiny like silk. It is so comfortable that it can be worn next to the skin without causing the dreaded itching that is usually caused by the lanolin present in the wool of other animals, such as the sheep. Alpaca does not produce lanolin, which partly explains its incomparable softness.

It is important to note that Baby Alpaca is considered to be the softest and most prestigious natural fibre in the world.

It is rare and represents less than 10% of the total world production of Alpaca fibres. It is therefore a luxury fibre. That is why we have selected it especially for you. It is therefore found in a large part of our collection.

Alpaca fibre stands out from other wools thanks to its insulating power, which is 7 times greater than sheep's wool, but also thanks to its unequalled softness, which is close to cashmere wool.

Alpaca fibre protects from the cold while preventing the formation of perspiration thanks to its thermoregulatory properties.

Its high thermal insulating capacity allows for lightweight and comfortable clothing while providing perfect protection from low temperatures. Alpaca is incredibly light, pleasant to wear, and respects the most sensitive skin thanks to its hypoallergenic properties. It is an elastic fibre that allows your clothes and accessories to adapt perfectly to the shape of your body.

Alpaca wool is very resistant and does not pill, so your clothes have a much longer life.

Alpaca knitted gloves

Our men's gloves are entirely knitted and handmade by craftsmen with great expertise. The fibres used are 100% Baby Alpaca. The fine crochet stitch guarantees optimal flexibility, so that the glove fits perfectly in the hand.

Our BellePaga Alpaca gloves are sophisticated and add style and elegance to your outfit. We have chosen to create a classic range of plain colours so that our pieces can be matched to any style and outfit. The thinness of the Alpaca wool also allows you to store your gloves easily in your pockets.

Alpaca wool gloves

Lightweight, soft, warm, thermo-regulating, hypoallergenic and with a stylish design, our gloves provide perfect protection from the cold, while offering an exceptional comfort experience.

Avoid frozen fingers this winter and enjoy the outstanding softness of a pair of Alpaca wool gloves! They will be the refined touch of your winter thanks to their sophisticated style to dress up your winter outfits in a touch. Ideal to keep your hands warm! This pair of Alpaca wool gloves guarantees you an efficient protection against winter temperatures.

Finally, our men's Alpaca gloves are made in accordance with the fundamental values of our brand, BellePaga, i.e. in a short circuit, in the country of origin of the wool (in Peru), with complete respect for the environment, the animals and the craftsmen who are paid a fair price for their work.

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