Alpaca Blanket

BellePaga provides you with a wide range of high quality Alpaca plaids. You can decorate your home and enjoy the warmth that Alpaca wool offers. Our fibre is one of the finest and most luxurious natural fibres in the world.

We provide you with a very soft and durable high quality throw made entirely of Alpaca wool. Our wool plaid has many advantages, as it combines all the virtues of Alpaca wool and offers ultimate comfort. Our plaids are entirely made of this majestic wool. They will delight you with their warmth, lightness, fineness and quality.

Wool blanket

Our wool plaids are silky, providing a softness and warmth incomparable to other wools. Their design and colours are trendy, yet timeless. They are elegant and fit in well with any interior style. There are both light and bright colours. It is up to you to choose the plaid that will best match your interior design. They will bring warmth, comfort and elegance to your home, but can also be worn as a shawl inside or outside.

Alpaca wool is thermoregulating. Our Alpaca plaid will keep you warm, while letting your body breathe. Indeed, Alpaca wool is a wool that evacuates excess moisture while offering warmth.

This plaid is suitable for all types of people. Alpaca wool does not contain lanolin, a substance that is irritating to the skin. Our blankets are suitable for people with allergies as well as for the most sensitive people. Our products are very soft and can be worn next to the skin.

In addition to being completely natural, we do not use any chemical substances.

This way, we take care of the sensitivity of certain skins and the environment by greatly reducing our impact on it.

Alpaca wool stands out from other natural fibres because of its insulating power, which is 7 times greater than sheep's, and its unequalled softness, which is close to cashmere wool. Alpaca wool is best known for its durability. Unlike other wools, it is the only one that does not pill. Your Alpaca accessories will have a longer life span, so you can keep them for many years.

Our plaids are perfect for evenings spent watching a movie or simply enjoying the crackling coals of a log fire.

On cooler evenings, or during a cocooning afternoon, wrap yourself in one of our plaids to enjoy all its virtues. Your evenings, as well as your naps, will now be your favourite activities.

Our Alpaca plaids also bring colour to your living room, making it warmer and more pleasant with a touch of elegance.

Our Alpaca plaids will delight lovers of softness. Your sofa will be the coziest nest in the house. Alpaca plaid is the symbol of relaxation by excellence! It is trendy and will decorate your sofas and armchairs in the best possible way.

If you are looking for something to cover yourself with while reading a book or watching your favourite TV show, you will certainly find it here.

Don't hesitate to try our incredible Alpaca plaids, which are as comfortable as they are virtuous! From Peru, their softness makes them indispensable for a cosy atmosphere. Our plaids are a must-have for cocooning evenings and are suitable for more than one use. As an extra blanket, as an elegant touch on your armchair/sofa, in your bedroom, or as a shawl. If you want to share your blanket, our large models are made for you. Lightweight and equally soft, they can also be worn as a shawl, inside or outside the house. They are available in a range of colours to match your interior.

These include: blue, grey, red and sand. Our products are dyed only with natural dyes, which are also used to enhance the original colour of the Alpaca wool.

Plaid from Peru

Our Alpaca plaids are produced in accordance with BellePaga's fundamental values, i.e. in a short circuit and in the country of origin of the wool.

Our throws are made by local craftsmen, who have a unique know-how. Their craft techniques are based on their cultural heritage and the heritage of their ancestors. Our teams carry out quality work so that the materials used in the manufacturing of our products meet the highest quality standards. Our craftsmen master Alpaca wool better than anyone else. Our plaids are of unparalleled quality and softness! Like all our other products, our plaids are hand-finished for a perfect result. They are made with complete respect for the environment, the animals and the craftsmen who are paid a fair price for their work.

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