Alpaca Yarn

Do you like knitting? BellePaga yarn is made for you.

The different colours available will bring cheerfulness to your knits.  Have fun with the different colours and offer yourself unique and varied accessories or clothes for this winter thanks to our top-of-the-range yarn of pure Baby Alpaca wool.


High quality yarn

BellePaga offers you extraordinary yarn in Alpaca to knit. These are high quality yarn, soft, fluffy and very warm, perfect for the most delicate and cocooning knits.

The Alpaca yarn is by far the favorite of knitters who know it, and of those who then had the pleasure of wearing the knit! It is considered as "the wool of the gods". BellePaga yarn is a qualty yarn . Especially because Alpaca wool is known for its exceptional properties, such as its unparalleled softness, its unique warmth (7 times warmer than sheep's wool), its hypoallergenic properties (the only wool in the hypoallergenic world, and therefore suitable for the most sensitive skin, including those of babies), its absence of lanolin (it is the only raw wool that should not be treated with chemicals to remove lanolin, before being transformed into wool), its lightness, and its natural anti-pilling properties (excessively appreciated after washing) !

Our top-of-the-range Alpaca yarn are also very popular with knitters for their ease of handling and this, without fraying. After having experienced knitting with Alpaca wool, you will no longer turn to another type of wool, it is guaranteed! No other wool will satisfy you as much as working with wool from Alpaca. Knit a beautiful sweater or fluffy accessories with this very soft and warm top-of-the-range wool and enjoy it for several years!

BellePaga's high-end yarn are available in several colours. You will find pastel colours such as sepia brown, beige, peach beige, pale pink or silver grey and bright colours such as ball of lavender wool, fire red, sapphire blue, yellow or duck green. It is up to each person to choose the colour that best suits them!


Pure alpaca yarn

Our Alpaca yarn are made from the softest and warmest fibre in animals, the baby Alpaca. These are balls of pure Alpaca wool. Indeed, there are 2 categories of yarn in Alpaca: Alpaca fibre and Baby Alpaca fibre. Baby Alpaca wool is finer (about 22.5 microns compared to 29 microns) and does not necessarily come from young Alpacas, but from the first shearing of the animal that has a fine coat, or from areas where the fibre is the finest on the animal. It thus generally comes from the blanket around the shoulders, neck and rump of the animal. Our pure baby Alpaca yarn are made of extremely soft, silky and shiny fibres like silk. This wool is so comfortable that it can be worn directly on the skin. Baby Alpaca is considered to be the world's softest, most prestigious and natural fibre. It is rare and represents less than 10% of the total world production of Alpaca fibres.


Alpacas, they are close cousins of the llama and have been bred for thousands of years for their exceptional quality wool in the South American Andes around 5000 BC. In ancient Inca times, Alpaca fibre was used to make clothing for royalty and was known as "the fibre of the gods". There are two main breeds of Alpacas; the best known is the Huacaya Alpaca, which has a dense and curly curly coat, and the Suri Alpaca, which has shinier, but less curly hair that hangs along the body with a central part in the back.


Alpaca wool is naturally black, brown, white or grey and the different colours are often used together to remain undyed, although Alpaca fabric can be cross dyed after weaving. Alpacas are generally sheared every year. Once sheared, the Alpaca wool fibres are transformed into yarns from which they can be woven. As it takes a lot of work to produce, Alpaca wool is often mixed with other fibres, usually wool. But at BellePaga, all the balls are 100% baby alpaca wool! At BellePaga, only the finest and softest fibres of the neck and chin are used.

Pure Alpaca wool as a hypoallergenic fibre is an excellent choice for children and adults prone to allergies.


Finally, the natural balls of Alpaca wool are made in accordance with BellePaga's core values, namely in a short circuit, in the country of origin of the wool (Peru), in an unparalleled quality with hand finishing, and in full respect for the environment, animals and craftsmen paid at their fair value



Composition = 100% baby Alpaca

Film: 50 g = about 100 meters

Needle size = Needles from 3.5 to 4

Knitting sample:


10 CM = 20-22 MESHES

10 CM = 25 ROWS


Sample on the hook:


10 CM = 16 MESHES

10 CM = 21 ROWS


Do not hesitate any longer and choose our yarn, made of pure Alpaca wool available in several colours.

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