Women's alpaca jumper

Are you more of a jumper or cardigan? Do you want to stand out on a special occasion or simply wear it every day? In any case, this jumper/cardigan will become a must in your wardrobe!
Alpaca wool stands out clearly from other wools thanks to its insulating power which is 7 times higher than that of sheep's wool, and its unequalled softness which is close to that of cashmere wool. Alpaca offers much better protection from the cold without ever making you sweat thanks to its thermoregulatory properties. Indeed, Alpaca has to adapt to temperature variations that can range from -25 to 30 degrees during the same day. For this purpose, he has developed a fleece composed of very fine and silky fibres that are particularly thermoregulatory. In addition, its high thermal insulating power allows you to wear light and pleasant clothing while protecting yourself perfectly from the cold. Alpaca fibre respects the most sensitive skins thanks to its hypoallergenic properties, so sweaters can be worn directly on the skin. Alpaca being an elastic fiber, it allows our clothes to be perfectly comfortable by conforming incredibly well to the shapes of your body. It is an ideal wool to wear in winter, in the half season, or to go hiking, winter sports,...

Moreover, Alpaca wool has a high resistance, and does not pilling. This allows you to extend the life of your clothes and accessories. You can keep them in good condition much longer.
In 100% alpaca, they remain light but always warm.

Virtue Alpaca wool jumper

Made of very fine baby alpaca wool, these jumpers/ cardigans are pleasant to wear, even under a jacket. They have beautiful finishes and very fine seams that give them a lot of chic. Sober in shape, knitted in alpaca in a complex stitch, it can be worn on all occasions. Handmade, these are pieces that will set you apart.
Your femininity has no limits! That's why BellePaga has created these alpaca jumpers and cardigans for you, made from quality alpaca that will enhance your looks. At BellePaga, our boutique is a combination of pieces that you will love to wear not only this season but also the next ones.
These jumpers are the perfect blend of sobriety: by their cut, their sensuality and their design. Our alpaca jumpers and cardigans are sure to make your head spin all year round.

They will perfectly adapt to your silhouette and give you an exceptional style whatever the season. Come and discover the different colours and add an elegant touch to your daily look!
Our unique jumpers and cardigans in Baby Alpaca are ideal for those who wish to wear original clothes and stand out from their surroundings. Wear them for special occasions or simply for everyday use, they will become a must in your wardrobe! A feminine and assertive look! These alpaca jumpers and cardigans will give you a feminine look that is guaranteed to be charming.

Adopt BellePaga jumpers and cardigans for a stylish winter: A must of charm.
The sober and elegant colours of the jumpers and cardigans will match perfectly with a blouse or t-shirt pant set. They are perfect for both a city outing and a walk in the countryside, this stylish outfit is a high-quality item that is very pleasant to wear both inside and out.

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