Alpaca clothing and accessories for women

Alpaca wool clothing and accessories for women are made from the fibre known as "Baby Alpaca". Being the softest and most virtuous of fibres, it gives us all the qualities necessary to create articles from high quality alpaca wool.

Baby Alpaca fibre

Known as the "Wool of the Gods", it is hypoallergenic, thermoregulatory, and despite its thinness, it provides 7 times more warmth than sheep's wool! Baby Alpaca wool is also very resistant, about 4 times more than sheep's wool, and is very soft! You can wear alpaca clothing and accessories next to your skin without the risk of itching. Choosing Baby Alpaca fibre is an ecological and sustainable choice. In addition to the fact that alpaca clothing has a longer life span, it is also environmental-friendly. An alpaca is an animal with a small environmental footprint, thanks to its padded feet, it does not damage the land on which it lives in freely. When feeding, the camelid does not remove the root of the grass, in that way, the grass can grow back faster. An alpaca can go several days without eating or drinking, his needs are lower than other animals and therefore have little impact on the environment.

Of unparalleled quality, baby alpaca fibre was once reserved for Inca emperors and was considered to be more precious than gold. BellePaga makes this wool available to you in order to benefit from its many advantages.

BellePaga Women's range

You will find a wide range of accessories such as scarves, hats and gloves for women in Baby Alpaca fibre. We also offer slippers and socks of exceptional comfort and softness. Furthermore, all our products are finished or handmade by Peruvian craftsmen with traditional skills! You can also choose one of our Alpaca wool jumpers for women, or Alpaca ponchos, also created from Baby Alpaca fibre. Don't wait any longer to treat yourself!

BellePaga offers women's alpaca wool clothing and accessories in a classic, timeless style that can be easily combined with your favourite pieces without ever going out of style. Our items are suitable for all styles: from classic to bohemian to whimsical, you will easily find what you are looking for!