Our Values

BellePaga has values that put human, nature and morals at the center of its concerns. Creating quality, natural and authentic products has always been a priority for BellePaga.

These values were born from Arnaud and Guillaume's personal conscience: they advocate ethical and ecological production, traditional know-how, respect for animals and fair compensation for craftsmen.

5 main values can be found in each of our articles that we offer and in each of our actions.

1) Respect for the well-being of each worker who has contributed to the production of BellePaga articles

We have our articles produced in specialized regions, by local producers who possess a great traditional know-how and for whom the sale of their regional products is very important for their survival. BellePaga pays particular attention to the fair remuneration of the artisans. 

Our relations with them are based on dialogue, transparency and respect. To this end, we have traveled to the Andes of South America and Provence to meet with them and ensure fairness in our exchanges.

2) Respect for animals :

The respect of the animal is at the center of our concerns:

The Alpaca fiber we use is of high quality and comes from farms where the animals evolve in complete freedom in their natural habitat, in the Andes Cordillera, at more than 4000 meters of altitude. There is no fence or fence. The fiber comes from their spring mowing.

3) Respect for the environment : 

BellePaga is an ecologically committed brand, which made the choice to promote the Alpaca, is an animal with a very low impact on ecology. 
Moreover, we are redoubling our efforts to provide you with the most natural items possible, presented in environmentally friendly packaging.

4) The respect of the ancestral know-how : 

We work with breeders and craftsmen in Peru and Bolivia for the Alpaca items and French craftsmen in Provence for our lavender sachets. This allows you to benefit from all their know-how. 
All our articles are hand made or finished by hand!

5) Quality and durability :

BellePaga is very demanding concerning the high quality of its articles. Each supplier and its items are rigorously selected to guarantee BellePaga's customers to enjoy the highest quality alpaca clothing and accessories.