Alpaca Plush



Alpaca plush

The alpaca is an animal that arouses a lot of love and wonder. It is an animal whose wool has many virtues, each more incredible than the other. The alpaca looks like the llama, an animal often used to carry heavy loads, but the alpaca is half as small and much cuter than the latter.

Amazed by this small animal that is both cute and offers a specific wool with many virtues, BellePaga has decided to offer you an authentic, very soft and silky plush that looks very much like the real Alpaca that lives in the Andes Cordillera in South America. This plush version will allow Alpaca lovers to have it close by and enjoy its softness all day long. BellePaga offers the softest and most natural thing for you and your loved ones.

Alpaca hair plush

BellePaga wants to offer you the sweetest and most natural thing for you and your loved ones. We have therefore chosen to create plush toys made of real natural Baby Alpaca hair. A plush like this one, you won't find one anywhere else!

The hairs chosen for the composition of these magnificent plush toys come from cutting the areas where the animal has finer and silkier hairs, they make the plush very soft to the touch and ideal to caress. We're talking about the softest plush you've ever touched.

Alpaca fibre and Baby Alpaca

Alpaca fibre is divided into 2 groups, alpaca fibre and Baby Alpaca fibre. The latter is much finer, with about 22.5 microns compared to 29 for alpaca fibre. Baby Alpaca fibre is called "Baby Alpaca" because it comes from the first shearing of certain areas where the wool is softer. This term is often confusing. It is important to know that it is not necessarily wool from young alpacas, but simply a very fine fibre that is between 18 and 23 microns. Baby Alpaca is a shiny, extremely soft fibre.

We present you a total of 6 alpaca fur plush toys, in 3 natural colours, brown, beige and white. Plush toys are therefore also very well suited for children with sensitive skin and anyone with delicate skin.

In our plush collection, you will find Frida, Carlos and Guillermo, 23 cm plush toys, but also Carmen, Alberto and Jose, which are larger and 33 cm tall. Each plush toy has a birth certificate with its name, place of birth, occupation and unique hobbies. Our alpaca plush toys have a history and a personality to discover. This will delight both young and old. It is therefore possible for you to choose the plush that you like best, but also whose story has particularly seduced you!

Baby Alpaca, in which our alpaca plushes are made, is one of the softest and most prestigious natural fibres in the world. You will have the impression of cuddling a real alpaca in a reduced model.

With a lot of charm, these plush animals made of real alpaca hair will please you at first sight! Their small erect ears and sparkling eyes give our alpaca plush toys a chewable face that is impossible to resist. And not to spoil anything, their alpaca fur coat as soft as real ones makes them the ideal companions to stroke all day long. Look no further: alpaca is THE original and essential plush of the moment.

Our Alpaca plush is classy and very trendy. It will appeal to everyone who has seen or touched it. Whether in your bed or as a decoration in the bedroom or living room, it can be used anywhere and you will be jealous in no time. Our alpaca plush toys are also respectful of the values conveyed by BellePaga.

This is a unique plush toy! Each plush is handcrafted by Peruvian craftsmen with extensive experience with alpaca. They thus produce very high quality plush toys with unparalleled know-how. Each plush toy is therefore different and has a unique charm. Its colour can also vary according to the colour of the hairs, which are often slightly different depending on the true colour of Alpaca.

Finally, it is important to know that ethics is at the heart of the production of these plush toys, as in all the other products offered by the BellePaga brand. The fibre comes from animals raised outdoors, without an enclosure, in their natural environment, which is the Andes Cordillera. The breeding and production are carried out with respect for the worker, the animal and the environment.

Caring for your plush is very easy. This requires hand washing with a mild, natural shampoo or a special wool detergent. You will find some suitable products in our range of cleaning products.

This plush made of real Alpaca hair, ethical, ultra soft and above all unique in its kind will offer a lot of happiness to you and your friends and will be the perfect gift to offer for any occasion, both young and old!


As a precaution, our alpaca plush toys are not allowed for children under 3 years old.

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