Alpaca Plush



Alpaca plush

The Alpaca is an animal that generates a lot of love and admiration. Its wool has many virtues, some more incredible than others. The Alpaca looks like the llama, but is half its size. The llama is also covered with a fibre that can be used to make wool, but this fibre has proved to be much less interesting than the Alpaca fibre.

BellePaga has decided to offer you authentic, soft and silky plush toys representing our friend the Alpaca. This collection of Alpaca plushes will allow Alpaca lovers to keep them close and enjoy their softness all day long.

Alpaca fur plush

We have chosen to create plush toys made of real Alpaca hair, so that you can enjoy the softness they provide. You won't find stuffed animals like these anywhere else! In order to offer you the best quality product possible, we make sure that our brand's core values are respected during every step of the process. In particular, respect for the environment and animals. It is not by coincidence that we have chosen to work with Alpacas. It is an eco-responsible animal, because it does not pull up the grass at the root but cuts it with its teeth. In addition, it does not damage the pasture unlike a sheep would do. Contrary to a sheep, the Alpaca has two claws on each leg and not hooves.

As far as respect for the animal is concerned, it is interesting to know that the breeders we work with raise their Alpacas in their natural habitat, all year long. They live in the Andes Mountains in South America, where temperatures can vary by up to 30 degrees in a single day. This is what makes the fibre of our animals exceptional and gives them this thermoregulatory property.

Alpaca fibre and Baby Alpaca

Alpaca fibre can be classified into two main categories: Alpaca fibre and Baby Alpaca fibre. The Baby Alpaca fibre is much finer and measures a maximum of 23 microns compared to 26.5 microns for the Alpaca fibre. The name "Baby Alpaca" comes from the first shearing of the animal. This is when the hair is at its finest and softest. The diameter of this fibre is between 14 and 23 microns, usually from the shearing of adult animals.

Baby Alpaca is a shiny and extremely soft fibre.

We have a range of 6 Alpaca plushes, 3 of them in their natural colours; brown, beige and white. Our plushes are perfect for any bedroom and are also suitable for children over the age of three. In our collection you will find Frida, Carlos and Guillermo, 23 cm plushes. There are also Carmen, Alberto and Jose who are bigger, measuring 33 cm.

Baby Alpaca, the fibre from which our plushes are made, is one of the softest and most prestigious natural fibres in the world. You will feel as if you were cuddling a real Alpaca in a miniature model.

Our Alpaca plushes are very charming and will seduce you at first sight, but especially from the first stroke! Their upturned ears and sparkling eyes give them an irresistible look. And to please you, their coat is as soft as that of real Alpacas. This makes them the ideal companions to relax with while petting them! Look no further: these Alpaca plushes are THE authentic and original plushes of the moment.

Our plushes are elegant and trendy. They will please anyone who sees or strokes them. Whether in your bed or as a decoration in your bedroom or living room, they will have their place everywhere.

Our Alpaca plushes are also respectful of the values conveyed by our brand, BellePaga.

Each one of them is handmade by Peruvian craftsmen with a great experience in the field. They make high quality plush toys with an unrivalled ancestral know-how. Each plush is different and has a unique charm. Their colour can also vary depending on the hair.

The breeding and production process is done with respect for the worker, the animal and the environment.

The maintenance of your plush is easy. It should be washed by hand with a mild, natural shampoo or a special wool detergent at a temperature not exceeding 30 degrees. You can find suitable shampoos in our care product range.

This ethical, ultra-soft and above all unique plush made of real Alpaca hair will delight both young and old! You will be amazed by their amazing softness.

Our Alpaca plushes are THE perfect gift to give to your loved ones.

As a precaution, our Alpaca plush are not recommended for children under 3 years old.

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