Alpaca Duvet

Duvets made of alpaca wool, a very precious wool that offers a multitude of properties specific to alpaca. All its virtues make it an ideal fibre for bedding. We have therefore created a range of duvets especially for you, ideal for each season, available in different sizes.

Natural duvet

The alpaca duvet is a natural duvet. Made of alpaca wool known for its many virtues, it will certainly satisfy you.

It is entirely a natural and very ecological filling. Alpaca wool and the cultivation of pima cotton, which forms the duvet cover, are environmentally friendly. They do not require chemicals and do not leave any ecological footprint unlike other types of wool. 

The alpaca duvet is naturally anti-mite. Due to the structure of alpaca fibre, this duvet does not allow dust mites to develop there. It is the only wool in the world that is hypoallergenic. It will therefore delight all people, both those with allergies and those who are more sensitive.

A natural duvet says a duvet made of an animal fibre. BellePaga ensures that the production of its alpaca duvets is carried out with respect for the animal. Alpacas live in their natural environment without enclosures or chains, they are perfectly free and are not under any stress.

Similarly, the production is carried out by Peruvian craftsmen who are paid at their fair value. Respect and ethics are values very close to the brand. The brand contributes to sustainable development and fair trade.

The alpaca duvet is natural and has all the advantages of natural duvets, such as breathability, warmth and durability.

By producing a natural duvet, BellePaga is certain to offer you a long-lasting alpaca duvet. The resistance of alpaca fibre and pima cotton will allow you to enjoy the pleasures of this duvet for a long time. Indeed, alpaca fibre is 4 times more resistant than sheep fibre.

Very warm duvet 450g/m²

The best quality of a natural alpaca wool duvet is that it offers an incomparable warmth. Thanks to the property of alpaca wool, there is no need to wait for your duvet to become warm. You will feel an immediate warmth in your duvet at any time. It should be noted that alpaca wool is 7 times warmer than sheep's wool and will be a real delight for the coolest nights. The alpaca duvet offers instant warmth that adapts to your body temperature.

The alpaca duvet is an ultra thermoregulatory duvet. It adjusts perfectly to body temperature variations. It reduces perspiration and is suitable for all seasons. It optimally wicks away moisture and allows air to pass through to allow your body to breathe while you sleep.

As this duvet is breathable, it is suitable for all seasons. In both winter and summer, your body can enjoy a pleasant warmth that is adapted not only to your body temperature, but also to the temperature of the room in which you sleep. You will never be too hot or too cold again, so you will sleep better.

During the night, our body temperature varies by several degrees, which causes many microwaves and prevents us from having a restful sleep. The extreme thermoregulation of this alpaca duvet will allow you to avoid them and get a better quality of sleep. 

The density of our duvets has been carefully studied to be ideal for our Western European climatic conditions and is 450gr/m2. It's perfect for being warm in winter and not sweating in summer.

Winter duvet

The natural alpaca duvet will offer you a unique comfort. The qualities of the filling are enhanced by the pima cotton envelope, also known as Andean silk or South American silk. It is a high quality silky material. Pima cotton is a rare variety, it represents only 3% of the world cotton production. This cotton grown on the mountainous highlands where the days are hot and the nights cool makes its reputation as a rare cotton. The combination of rich soil, tropical sunshine and the purity of the water of the rivers flowing down from the Andes makes Peruvian Pima cotton unique. It is only there that it can reach a fineness of 3.2 to 3.9 microns compared to 4.6 to 5.5 microns for Pima cotton grown in North America.

It is a fibre of exceptional fineness and length compared to traditional cotton, Pima cotton offers a particularly soft touch and incomparable flexibility, while guaranteeing much greater strength and durability. The length of the fiber makes it exceptionally bright and durable. Pima cotton is therefore fabulously suitable for wrapping and holding the duvet upholstery in place.

BellePaga's duvets have been studied in detail in terms of materials, finishes, stitching and down density in order to offer the greatest warmth and comfort to its customers.


Aware of all the advantages of the alpaca duvet, we invite you to discover our choice of alpaca duvets. Our duvets are available in several sizes, so they will suit every bed size.

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