Women Alpaca scarves

BellePaga's Alpaca women's scarves have a timeless charm and are perfect for the cold season. Wrap them around your neck to complete your favourite casual outfit or to enhance your classy outfit for cool evenings. To enhance a look, brighten up an outfit or simply wrap yourself in a cocoon of softness, BellePaga scarves are absolutely essential.

Alpaca wool

BellePaga's Alpaca women's scarves are made of Alpaca wool as well as Baby Alpaca, the finest Alpaca fibre. This fibre is known to be one of the most luxurious of all natural fibres. Thanks to its thermoregulatory properties, it keeps the neck warm while allowing it to breathe, which prevents from sweating. There are two types of Alpaca fiber: Alpaca fiber and Baby Alpaca fiber. Baby Alpaca is thinner (about 22.5 microns versus 29 microns) but unlike common beliefs, it does not come from a young Alpaca, it is actually the first shearing of an Alpaca, which has a very fine coat at that time. Baby Alpaca fibre is as silky and shiny as silk, and its softness is incomparable. Baby Alpaca fibre is rare and is considered to be the softest and most prestigious natural fibre in the world. Baby Alpaca is therefore a luxury fibre, which we have selected for you in most of the items in our shop for you to enjoy.

Alpaca fibre does not have lanolin, an irritant substance present in sheep's wool for example. It can therefore be worn on the skin, even for the most sensitive skins. Alpaca scarves are therefore very comfortable to wear.

Alpaca wool is very resistant, it also does not pill. As a result, your Alpaca accessories and clothing will have a longer life span, which will allow you to wear them season after season.

Alpaca scarves

Let us introduce you our different knitted scarves made of extra-fine and super-soft Alpaca fibre. Stay warm with one of the most luxurious fibres in the world. Alpaca is one of the finest fibres in the world, light and warm at the same time. Our Alpaca scarves are made by craftsmen from Peru thanks to their incomparable know-how. Due to the advantages of the Alpaca, these scarves are very warm and very soft. The very elegant Alpaca woven scarves can be perfectly matched to all your clothing items. Silky, soft and warm, these scarves will accompany you all winter as well as on the coolest evenings of spring. With proper care, you will be able to keep your scarf for many years.

Thanks to their large dimensions, Alpaca scarves are ideal for spending even the harshest days of winter warm. Our scarves will be your favorite accessories to keep your neck warm in a soft envelope. Large and slightly stretchy, they can be worn as scarves or stoles. Half scarf, half stole, BellePaga scarves can be adapted to all your desires! You can match them with all kinds of outfit for all occasions.

Brighten up your outfit with colors and chic! Add some pep and color to your outfits with our lovely Alpaca scarves. Several colors and shapes are available in our shop, for all tastes and occasions.

These Alpaca scarves are a cocoon of softness and happiness. Their soft and trendy style will enhance and brighten up your winter outfits.

Finally, our women's Alpaca scarves are made in accordance to BellePaga's core values - in a short circuit - in the wool's country of origin (Peru), in an unparalleled quality with hand finishing and in complete respect for the environment, animals and craftsmen paid at their fair value.

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