Men's Alpaca Scarves

The Bellepaga scarves for men are warm and comfortable. They bring you a touch of elegance with their classic, timeless and refined design. Our Alpaca wool scarves for men are made from a high quality material. The fibre used by our brand is unique and also differs from the majority of wools from the same animal. In contrast to the usual breeding farms, where the Alpacas are not confronted to the natural climate of their habitat, our Alpacas live in total freedom at an altitude above 4000 meters, in the Andes Mountains. The environment has a direct impact on the quality of the fibre, as our animals are confronted with significant daily temperature variations.

Characteristics of Alpaca fibre

A feature of our wool is that it is thermoregulatory. When the temperature changes, the animal's fur must constantly adapt. This property is unique and prevents perspiration and moisture.

Alpaca fibre can be divided into two categories: Alpaca fibre and Baby Alpaca fibre. Baby Alpaca wool is finer (about 23 microns maximum for Baby Alpaca compared to 29 microns) and does not necessarily come from young Alpacas, but from the first shearing of the animal which has a finer coat than future regrowth. Our wool is so comfortable that it can be worn next to the skin. Baby Alpaca is considered to be the softest and most prestigious natural fibre in the world. It is rare and represents less than 10% of the total world production of Alpaca fibre.

Baby Alpaga definition

Baby Alpaca is a high quality fibre, that we have selected for you in all the articles in our shop. It is incredibly lightweight, smell-free (unlike other wools), pleasant to wear and respects the most sensitive skin thanks to its hypoallergenic properties. Alpaca wool has 7 times the insulating power of sheep's wool. Its unequalled softness is close to cashmere wool. This wool protects you effectively from the cold, while remaining soft.

Virtues of Alpaca Wool

The insulating power of Alpaca wool allows you to wear light and comfortable clothes while protecting you from the cold. Alpaca is an elastic fibre that makes our scarves particularly comfortable.

It is also very durable and hardly pills. This allows you to extend the life of your clothes and accessories. You can keep your items in good condition for many years.

Our scarves are made on a hand-knitting machine and finished by hand by Peruvian craftsmen with traditional skills. Due to the advantages of Alpaca wool, our men's scarves are warm and amazingly soft.

Alpaca wool scarves for men are woven in Peru. With our wide range of colours, you can match them to all your clothes. Silky, soft and warm, our scarves will accompany you throughout the winter as well as on the coolest spring evenings.

With their large size, Alpaca wool scarves for men are ideal for the harshest of winter days. Very warm, soft and elegant, they will be your favourite accessory to keep your neck warm, wrapped in a reminder of the softness of the Andes Mountains. Alpaca wool scarves can be worn next to the skin. Even the most sensitive people will find it easy to wear, as the Alpaca fibre also has hypoallergenic properties. Since the fibre is a combination of hair and wool, it does not contain lanolin (an allergenic substance found in wool). With proper care, you can keep your scarves for many years.

Warm Alpaca Scarf

What could be better than a nice warm scarf in winter for a man? Add a little colour to your outfit with our beautiful Alpaca wool scarves! Choose from a wide range of buffalos, classic, twisted scarves and a multitude of different colours.

All of our Alpaca wool scarves for men are produced in accordance with BellePaga's brand values. Our products are all made locally: they are exclusively manufactured in Peru, where our Alpacas live in their natural environment.
We design our products with unparalleled quality. Indeed, we strive for perfectionism in the finishing of our products, which are handmade and made with the best quality materials. The Alpacas we work with live in total freedom.
What could be better than nature to provide us with the most beautiful things? The protection of the animals and the environment is also our priority. We have chosen the Alpaca not only for its many virtues, but also because it is the most eco-responsible "wool" animal. Compared to sheep, you will see that the Alpaca does not pull up the grass while grazing but cuts it.
This allows for rapid regrowth, as well as not damaging the pasture with its two claws, whereas the sheep has hooves.

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