9 reasons to fall for an alpaca duvet

The duvet of your dreams: softness and warmth of the Andes wrapped in Pima Cotton

Alpaca duvet

You have probably woken up during the night due to heat or cold. Simple duvets do not adapt to people's body temperature and often do not allow the skin to breathe, as is the case with synthetic duvets, but also with down duvets.

There are three types of duvets, warm, temperate and lightweight. We also find on the market the duvets called 4 seasons which adapt to the time of year, because they are composed of a summer duvet and a mid-season duvet, we can then collect them and have only one specially for winter.

The heat, durability, weight and airflow capacity of a duvet depend on its weight (filling weight), its stitching (wave, line, tile, diamond, diamond, pad...) and its cover.

Aware of all these problems, we have created THE duvet that takes into account all these properties to make only one adapted to the 4 seasons. You will find below the reasons why you should choose our alpaca duvet.


 9 reasons to fall for the alpaca duvet

Alpaca duvet Nawi

  1. Immediate and incomparable warmth: Thanks to the property of alpaca wool, there is no need to wait for your duvet to become warm. It should be noted that alpaca wool is 7 times warmer than sheep's wool and will be a real delight for the coolest nights.
  2. Ultra thermoregulatory: It adjusts perfectly to changes in body temperature. This breathable duvet greatly reduces perspiration in all seasons.
  3. Repairing sleep: During the night, our body temperature varies by several degrees, which causes many micro awakenings. The extreme thermoregulation of this duvet will allow you to avoid them and have a better quality sleep.
  4. Unique comfort: The qualities of the filling are enhanced by the pima cotton envelope, also known as Andean silk, which is very soft and supple.
  5. Naturally anti-dust mite: Due to the structure of alpaca fibre, this duvet does not allow dust mites to grow on it. It will therefore delight all allergic people.
  6. Natural fibres: Our duvets are made exclusively of natural alpaca and pima cotton fibres, so they do not have any synthetic fibres.
  7. Ecological: Alpaca wool and pima cotton are environmentally friendly, do not require chemicals and leave no ecological footprint.
  8. Made with respect for the well-being of the worker and the animal: They are made by craftsmen paid at their fair value and with respect for the animal that lives in its natural environment.
  9. Great durability: the resistance of alpaca fibre and pima cotton will allow you to enjoy the pleasures of this duvet for a long time.

Aware of all the advantages of an alpaca duvet, feel free to take a look at our Alpaca duvet proposals for the 4 seasons of the year!