How to make your mother happy on her day ?

How to make your mother happy on her day ? 

The history and origin of Mother's Day 

Mothers have been celebrated since ancient times. The Greeks celebrated the mother of the gods, Rhea. The Romans also used to pay tribute to women and mothers. This festival took place on 11 June, close to the summer solstice, and was called "Marealiae" because it celebrated Mater Matuta, the goddess of the dawn and childbirth (from the Latin Mater, meaning mother).

In the 16th century, the English revived the tradition of Mother's Day by introducing Mothering Sunday, which takes place on the fourth Sunday of Lent. The tradition was that on this day, children gave gifts, flowers and cards to their mothers.

It was not until the 20th century that a "Mother's Day" was officially created. On 10 June 1906, on the initiative of the founder of the Union Fraternelle des Pères de Famille Méritants d'Artas, a ceremony in honour of mothers of large families took place for the first time. Two mothers, each with nine children, were awarded a "High Maternal Merit" prize on that day. The original diploma conceived by Prosper Roche on the same date provided for the organisation of an annual celebration.

On 25 May 1941, Marshal Pétain officially established the "National Mother's Day". Mother's Day became an official bank holidays. In Belgium, Mother's Day is also called "moederkesdag" in Dutch. It is celebrated on the second Sunday in May. However, part of the population celebrates this holiday on 15 August, a date introduced by Frans Van Kryck who lived in Antwerp. In 1913, he wrote a pamphlet entitled "Mother's Day". He proposed that 15 August, St Mary's Day, should become Mother's Day.

5 gift ideas for your mother

The tradition of Mother's Day means that children should give their mothers gifts. Small children give gifts made at school, drawings, a bouquet picked from the garden, a pasta necklace, etc. .... It is less easy to find a Mother's Day gift when you are older. That's why, in this blog post, we offer you some ideas for gifts in the image of your wonderful mother.

What could be better than a beautiful bouquet of flowers, chosen by you? A bouquet of flowers is a simple gift, but one that shows the love you have for your mum and the esteem in which you hold her for all the work she has done. A bouquet of pink flowers is ideal. Indeed, pink is the predefined colour for this occasion, as it symbolises unconditional love and tenderness. Carnations are the most common flowers given on Mother's Day. Lilies are also flowers that pay tribute to the feminine beauty, elegance and wisdom of an exceptional mother. Finally, one of the star flowers of Mother's Day is the peony. This flower represents the love and tenderness of a mother. A bouquet of peonies will be an undeniable proof of maternal love.

As a more personal gift, you can opt for a personalised photo album. A memory book of your most beautiful moments with your mother, where you can write little words according to the photos, would be a gift that she would keep for life with a deep meaning. A Mother's Day gift is not measured by price or value, but by the love her child has put into choosing or creating the gift.

As another gift idea, we propose one of the most beautiful pieces of our collection: a BellePaga poncho, made of baby alpaca fibre. This poncho will bring her softness, comfort and warmth and will become the best multi-season companion of your beloved mother. A gift that will spoil her as it should be!

A simple gift idea, but just as valuable: make Mother's Day the most beautiful day of the year for your mother. Take care of her, make her favourite breakfast, give her a letter expressing all the love and affection you have for her! Make it a day to remember. Mothers are concerned with their children's happiness throughout their lives, so let's change the roles on one day: Mother's Day!

One last Mother's Day gift idea: a voucher for ... Why not offer your mother a day prepared by you, on the date of her choice, in your company? You will surprise her by taking care of everything and making this day a memorable mother/daughter or mother/son memory!

Take advantage of Mother's Day to show your mother all the love and gratitude you have for her! 

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