2 knitting tutorials : a cocooning touch for your home decoration

2 knitting tutorials : a cocooning touch for your home decoration

Are you looking for a creative and soothing activity to do when you are relaxing? Or would you simply like to expand your knitting knowledge and skills? Today, we help you decorate your home with your own creations to give it a cocooning and hygge touch!

Knitting, like yoga, is a way to keep busy and free your mind. It can be done at any time of the day and is easy to take with you, so you can enjoy the benefits of knitting during your little breaks! Knitting reduces stress, improves self-esteem, stimulates the brain and is good for the joints.
On the menu today, 2 tutorials to create woolen trivets and cushion covers to create a warm and cosy atmosphere that will make you want to stay at home!

Tutorial 1: Coasters 

For this tutorial, all you need is a ball of wool of your choice, in the colour you prefer, and needles suitable for the thickness of the wool. This very easy knitting is suitable for beginners and brings a friendly and nice touch to your home by avoiding any liquid stains on your table.
To do this, you first have to make 25 stitches. What does this mean? One turn of the needle means one stitch. Take a needle, tie a knot on it with your wool thread, which should be placed on both sides of the needle. Then wrap the thread around your index finger, stick the needle in the loop without removing your finger. Wrap the other end of the thread around the needle. Pass the loop of your index finger in front of the point, then remove your finger when the point is under the needle. Pull the two threads together, and you have your first stitch. Repeat the same thing 25 times, then knit enough rows to form a square.
Next, fold over the stitches, i.e. slip the first stitch through the needle without knitting it, then knit the next stitch. With the left needle, take the slipped stitch and pass it over the knitted stitch and let it fall. You have folded over a stitch. There is one stitch left on the right needle.
Knit a new stitch right side up and with the left needle take the first stitch from the right needle and pass it over the right side up stitch. Only one stitch remains on the right needle.
Repeat this process until all stitches on the left needle are knitted and only one remains on the right needle.
Cut the yarn leaving at least 10 cm, thread the end through the remaining stitch and slide it off the needle. You can also finish and close with a visible loop to hang your coaster on a hook.

Tutorial 2: A cushion cover 

Start by making 30 stitches, as explained in the first tutorial.
Then knit in stockinette stitch, i.e. one row of purl stitches and then one row of purl stitches, until one side of the cushion cover is covered.
To make a right-side stitch, stitch the stitch with the right-hand needle from behind, pass the yarn around the right-hand needle and then bring the loop back through the stitch on the left-hand needle.
To make a purl mark, the difference is that you need to stitch the right stitch into the left stitch from the front.
Then knit normally in stockinette until the second side of the cover is also covered.
Fold over the stitches as explained in the previous tutorial.
Next, join the sides of the fabric, starting with the colour change area at the fold. You must therefore locate the stitches which form a sort of rung when the stockinette stitches are spread out
Pass the needle under the stitch on both sides of the cushion. Continue by alternating the two stitches until the bottom of the cover. By pulling the thread as you go, you will see the two parts come together in such a way that the seam becomes invisible.
Place the cushion in the cover and you're done! If you wish, you can also sew up the opening.

Interior decoration with alpaca wool

Alpaca wool is a wool with many virtues. It is thermoregulating, hypoallergenic and much warmer and more resistant than sheep's wool. It does not smell when wet and does not pilling. It is often used to make clothing, but can also be used to make interior decorations such as plaids, trivets, cup covers, cushion covers and a cup cover. This gives your room a hygge and cosy feel with unique elements made by you.
BellePaga offers you, in addition to men's and women's clothing, balls of 100% natural baby alpaca wool from Peruvian alpacas. The fibre does not undergo any chemical treatment, its colours are natural and mineral colours are preferred to artificial ones.
The length of the balls is 50 g, i.e. 113 metres. The size of the needles must be between 3.5 mm and 4 mm.
BellePaga is committed to offering you items that respect the values of respect for the animal, the workers, traditional Peruvian know-how and ecology.

Don't hesitate any longer, bring that cocooning and friendly touch in your home with our BellePaga wool balls!

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