When we talk about knitting, we all have in mind the memory of our dear grannies sitting in their old armchairs knitting "a sweater" in front of the afternoon TV movie. Remember that famous sweater? The itchy one and a color that we can't exactly define. This colour is impossible to associate with one of our outfits, so we will only wear it when we visit our grandmother on Sunday to please her. However, those days are now over! Knitting has become increasingly popular in recent years and is now one of the most trendy activities!

Today knitting is everywhere! In fashion magazines, on social networks, in shop windows, ... The trend of the moment is to decorate our outfits with a big scarf or an oversize sweater or to accessorize our interior decorations with XXL knit plaid. The "must" in all this? Make your own pieces so that they are unique and will make your friends crazy with jealousy!
So what are you waiting for? Get yourself two knitting needles, some nice balls of wool, a good set and a nice tea and you're ready to knit! Especially since knitting has many virtues for our body and mind... 

Knit & relax!

Knitting is one of the best ways to relax, to refocus, to reach a spirit of zenitude. With an overflowing life, where you never stop running around, knitting is a great way to free your thoughts. It's about taking your time, not wasting it. Take the time to choose your pattern, your pattern, your wools and colors either by going to your favorite store or even on the internet. By the way, don't hesitate to visit our e-shop, we offer superb alpaca balls in a wide variety of colours! Ideal for knitting beautiful, comfortable, soft and warm clothes! To relax, no need to knit for hours! The benefits of knitting can be active by assembling just a few rows of your project between two subway stations or in the doctor's waiting room. Moreover, it has been scientifically proven that the regular rhythm of the needles, the concentration, the noise of the wool rubbing make knitting a Zen activity, ideal for relaxing. Enjoy it without moderation!

No more bad habits!

Thanks to its size, knitting is practical to carry. It's ideal for keeping the mind busy on any occasion. To stop smoking, to stop snacking in front of the TV, to avoid biting your nails, by concentrating on your knitting, you won't even think about those nasty habits anymore! Gone are the days when you would get stuck on your phone in the subway, in the waiting room, take out your knitting, make a few rows and the time will seem shorter right away!

Knitting to be fashionable

Knitting has recently become one of the most unsgrammable activities of the moment! Who has never dreamt of creating their own pieces? The hours spent on the internet to find THE trendy pieces are abolished! Grab your needles as well as pretty alpaca wool balls to create a unique and original piece. So let your imagination run wild and get started!

Knit without limits!

Knitting brings great satisfaction! Imagine the pride and pleasure when you offer your friend who is about to give birth a superb sleeping bag, made by your hands, to match the room of her future baby! Isn't it classy?
Knitting offers a multitude of possibilities, where our creativity will meet no boundaries. Scarves, sweaters, but also handbags, headbands, bracelets, cuddly toys and even decorative objects, knitting is far from being a redundant activity! Today we knit anything and everything like a suit for our mailbox or a sweater for our tree! Yes, we do! You're not dreaming! And if you don't believe us, do some research on the net on the Yarn bombing trend, you will be amazed !