Flower wreaths are the flagship accessory to slip into her hair when spring arrives. For a wedding, a christening, a music festival, a garden party, or even in everyday life, decorating your hair with flowers is very trendy, but it's not new!

Did you know that primitive peoples already wore crowns of flowers out of superstition or to take advantage of the medicinal properties of flowers? Flower wreaths were then very fashionable during the Middle Ages, when they were not intended for religious practice, but were only appreciated for their aesthetics as well as their delicious smell. However, they sometimes had a hidden meaning: if after a proposal the young woman adorned her head with a wreath of daisies, it implied that she wanted to take time to think before committing herself, but conversely if she wore a wreath of roses, it revealed that she accepted the proposal. Finally, flower wreaths were very popular in the 1960s, a hippie and revolutionary period that led to student revolts and May 68, the Prague Spring, the Woodstock Festival.

So, we will teach you how to make your own wreath with real fresh flowers during this quick DIY! A creative, playful and relaxing activity, ideal in this time of confinement to create the perfect accessory to embellish your hair or hairstyle!


- An assortment of very fresh and seasonal flowers. It is best to choose flowers that age well, and dry properly so that you can keep your crown as long as possible in time. Don't hesitate to ask your florist for advice!
- A pair of scissors
- 2 satin ribbons measuring approximately 80 cm
- A roll of Floratape, which can be bought at the florist's, garden centre or on the internet.
- 2 wires about 30 cm long


Prepare the plants by removing the leaves and cutting the stems neatly and evenly to leave only 5 cm.


Take the two wires with you, they will serve as a structure for your wreath so you can hang the flowers. Join the two wires together and wrap them with Floratape so that the flowers do not slip and the wires look like a real plant stem.


Create a small loop at each end of the iron wires that you have joined and covered with Floratape. Then cut and stretch a new strip of Floratape slightly longer than the stem.


Place your first flower at one end of the stem and secure it around the thread with one end of the Floratape band. Repeat this step several times with all the flowers, alternating varieties and colours. If you want to make a masterful, garlanded wreath, first create small bouquets and then assemble them before attaching them to the stem.


After placing all your flowers, hang the satin ribbons by passing them through the small loops to hang and adjust the wreath around your head.


Your wreath is ready, you just have to put it on your head, shape it, adjust it and then hang it up by making a nice bow with the satin ribbons!