How to take out your spring wardrobe when it's 5°

The month of March is already well established, and even if it is not necessarily obvious, the beautiful days are fast approaching. We already want to get out our little dresses and adopt the spring trends, but outside the thermometer rarely exceeds 10°. Don't worry, we'll give you all our tricks to play springtime without ending up like an ice cube! 

1. Long dress & big sweater!

The maxi dress is one of the big trends of the moment. Inspired by Scandinavian fashionable women, it is the perfect compromise to feel like spring without being too cold. Worn with a big soft sweater, a pair of sneakers and nice socks, you will be stylish while being warm.

2. Wide pants & mesh!

Wide pants are making a comeback this season for a classy and slightly masculine look. Like the long dress, they allow you to keep your legs covered while changing a little bit from the jeans and leather leggings that are a bit too much seen this winter. To wear it casually, we combine it with a knitted sweater in the same tones and a pair of sneakers.

3. We say hello to light colours!

One of the easiest ways to feel like spring is simply to bring light into your wardrobe with a new colour palette. We say goodbye to the black we've seen too much of in the last few months, and choose white, ecru or beige instead. An "all-white" outfit with sneakers, white jeans and soft knitwear is the magic remedy to fight against the gloom of the end of winter.

4. Let's play with superimpositions 

Also known as "layering", the simple act of adding layers has become a real trend in its own right. If you already want to take out your new jeans jacket or your beloved perfecto, you can wear them under a long coat or over a big, warm sweater without hesitation. And this technique will work just as well in a few weeks, when it starts to get warmer in the afternoon, but still chilly early in the morning. A big vest over your favourite dress, and you'll be ready to face the mid-season without shivering!