Our 4 tips for staying warm in winter

A sweater to stay warm


The cold is coming in very fast, so it is now time for you to equip yourself with your warmest winter clothes and accessories. First of all, the sweater is the essential fashion piece to have in your winter wardrobe. Turtleneck, round, knit, oversize or cropped wool jumpers, there are all kinds of them. It is an all-rounder that adapts to any type of body and style. With a coat, a cardigan, or worn alone it goes with everything. However, for this winter, the choice of the material is very important. To stay warm, opt for natural materials, because you may always be cold and uncomfortable with synthetic materials. Wool is considered the ideal material for this winter. For example, alpaca, cashmere, mohair or angora are materials that will bring you all the warmth you need. Alpaca wool, with its insulating properties, is the perfect material that will keep you at the ideal temperature as well as dry during this period. Layering your clothes is also a good way to stay warm. To do this, choose materials close to your body, because in contact with your skin, your garment will adapt to your body heat and thus keep you at the ideal temperature. So, in addition to your natural wool sweater, your undershirt will also be your perfect ally for the winter.

Winter accessories


In addition to clothing to stay warm this winter, don't forget to protect the rest of your body. Indeed extremities, such as the head, the ears, the feet and the hands, are sensitive zones permanently exposed to the cold. These parts of our body must also be protected, in particular by winter accessories. For that, it is necessary to choose them well, so that you have a maximum of comfort without feeling cold. Indeed, warmth and comfort are important criteria in the choice of your accessories. For that, as it is the case for clothing, natural materials will meet your expectations. First of all, concerning the scarf, choose models with large and thick dimensions that will allow you to wrap yourself all around and keep your neck warm. In addition to the neck, head and hands are areas not to be neglected. To complete this essential winter trio, you should bring a pair of gloves, preferably woolen, so you don't have to keep your hands in your pockets all the time. For the hat, make sure it is thick enough and protects your entire head. For you, ladies, if you are not very cold when it comes to your head, winter headbands exist. It is a very trendy winter fashion accessory, which covers mainly the ears as well as a part of your head. It will allow you to keep your ears warm while remaining trendy. In addition to the warmth that these accessories will bring you, the ideal is to harmonize colors and materials to have a harmonious look. Finally, for a complete winter outfit, don't forget the socks. Indeed, in winter we often have not only cold hands but also cold feet. For this winter, choose socks with thin and insulating materials so that your feet adhere to your body heat. That's why, in order to spend a perfectly warm winter, you will find sumptuous winter accessories made of alpaga wool that will delight you at BellePaga.



To get through a perfect winter, your daily routine is also important. With a sedentary lifestyle, you are more likely to be cold all the time. If your days are limited to sitting behind your desk at work, or in front of the TV in the evening, you are at risk of developing certain illnesses. Your body's inactivity causes poor blood circulation, which means that your body heat reduces gradually. During the winter, cold weather sets in and is likely to affect our body more quickly. To avoid any risk of illness, choose a physical activity during your free time which will energize your body and give you more energy during this winter period. Nutrition also plays an essential role in staying warm in winter. Eat healthy food such as fruits and vegetables, not forgetting proteins such as meat and eggs. Avoid sugar and junk food as they are harmful to the blood system. And finally, don't forget to hydrate and drink hot drinks such as green tea, for example, and continue to drink water to eliminate all toxins.

A plaid for winter


Spending a warm winter at home is a perfect winter. Outdoors and indoors, it is important to protect yourself from these ever-decreasing temperatures. Winter means spending evenings playing games with family and friends or watching movies on TV. To spend a good evening, there is nothing better than a warm blanket in which you can wrap yourself or simply cover your legs for maximum comfort and warmth. In addition to its usefulness of protection against the cold, it is also a real decorative object that warms the room. At the edge of your bed, on your sofa or simply folded in your wardrobe, it will be the essential accessory of this winter. Alpaca wool plaids are the best there is, because in addition to being light, they have natural warming properties. Unlike those made of sheep wool, they are more resistant and do not contain lanolin, which allows them to limit any type of allergy because of skin contact.

To stay warm all winter long, BellePaga offers you wonderful pieces made of alpaca wool that will delight your body.