Fashion trends for the new school year 2019-2020

It's back to school and who says back to school says we want something new in our wardrobes! What are the top trends for this new autumn/winter season 2019-2020? What are the essentials to have in your closet this year? What is this autumn/winter season planning for us?

This year, the cape and poncho are making a comeback, the houndstooth pattern is back in full force and the scarves are still very popular as they are every year! 

The cape and poncho

The cape and poncho are making a big comeback this year. You don't need a hero's cape to be the star of the trends this year. The cape and poncho are THE trendy clothes for this autumn/winter season!

The poncho and the cape are the two main pieces that protect us from the cold while giving style! Be careful, they are two different parts. The cape, often in the shape of an A, has a closing system and a collar. It is worn directly on the shoulders. The poncho, on the other hand, looks like a simple piece of fabric, square or rectangular in shape. It is put on by the head and also rests on the shoulders. I grant you, the difference is small, but they both give, two very different styles.

Very easy to wear, the poncho and cape combine comfort and elegance. They can be worn by all shapes and sizes, just adjust them to suit your own. Also, don't hesitate to accessorize them, especially the cape... For those who like to emphasize their size, with a pretty belt, it can give you a great look! For those that are rather long and thin, do not hesitate to choose a cape or poncho with a nice length, it will always have its little effect.

The houndstooth pattern

Never far away, the houndstooth pattern is back in force this year... Its graphics and elegance are perfect to enhance our looks! Whether it is a jacket, trousers, skirt, shorts or other…

We adhere 100% to the houndstooth, even more so, we adopt it! It is worn in black and white for a contrasting and powerful look. And for those who dare to be more original or imaginative, the colourful houndstooth also has an effect! The houndstooth... Let's face it, it's still a classic not to be missed!

The scarf

A must for winter is of course the scarf. Every year, we want to have a new one that will perfectly match the trends. This winter, why not opt for a sure value? An elegant, trendy scarf with ethical and responsible values? Indeed, at the moment, isn't it more responsible to surf the wave of "slow fashion"?

This is what the Belgian brand BellePaga offers you. Well known for its human, ethical and eco-responsible values, BellePaga offers you a wide range of alpaca wool scarves. In addition to unparalleled softness and comfort, there is something for everyone! From the longest to the shortest, from flashy colours in pastel colours to plain or patterned escapes! In short, something to please everyone!

Where can I find a nice cape, poncho or scarf?

 These parts can be found in many stores at all prices. But if you want to have new clothes, make a thoughtful purchase while respecting the environment and animals then BellePaga is the solution for you!

Find your happiness at BellePaga, an ethical and eco-responsible Belgian brand offering alpaca wool clothing and accessories to spend a warm winter! Sweaters, capes, ponchos, scarves, socks, hats and gloves, or slippers,... In short, we have everything to satisfy you, to ensure you a warm winter and more... To be super trendy with our beautiful and soft items!

Man or woman, at BellePaga, you can find lots of small high quality nuggets, but above all timeless clothes that you can keep for a very long time in your dressing room...

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