5 green influencers to follow on social networks.

5 green influencers to follow on social networks.

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At the moment, ecology and the future of the planet are of concern to more and more people. In order to make a maximum of people aware of this issue, many influencers called "eco-influencers" or "green influencers" were born on social networks such as Instagram and Facebook. Indeed, by their persuasive power, they can help change the consumption of a good number of people for a healthier and environmentally friendly lifestyle. It also allows democratizing this rather complex subject. Each of these influencers, in their own way, proposes alternatives to classic consumption: zero waste, healthy and organic cooking recipes, homemade cosmetics, or even solutions to fast fashion, they will make you love your new responsible and sustainable habits!

Our 5 favorite green influencers:

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 #1 : @c.lairdutemps

Claire and Camille are two sisters full of energy and kindness who decided to take their consumption in hand to achieve a "zero waste" life.

On their account @c.lairdutemps, they share recipes, tips, and ideas to say goodbye to fast fashion and consume differently. The two sisters also share various committed causes, so that we too can discover new things and educate ourselves in our turn.

To better help their community, Claire and Camille decided to launch their blog, and also created an e-book, called "zero waste", which shares solutions to sustainably change their daily lives.

#2 : @mangoandsalt

Victoria is a young French expatriate in Amsterdam. She started with more common topics such as fashion and lifestyle before turning to ecology. Today, her 100% eco-friendly blog shares tips on how to live a "green life" and have a much more conscious lifestyle.

The little plus of her blog? Her visits to thrift stores and garage sales make you dream. Victoria always manages to find beautiful second-hand pieces and gives them a second life by creating fashionable outfits. she's an inspiration to many.

#3 : @MadameZéro 

Medical student Rita is also a daily activist. This young intern in oncology-hematology is full of ideas and goodwill and she also supports our ecological approach!

@MadameZéro, her Instagram page, offers us a set of original homemade recipes to take care of her body and her house in a 100% natural way: laundry, moisturizing mask, vegetable shampoo ... All the daily gestures.

As her pseudo suggests, Madame Zero also invites us to limit our production of waste: picnicking wisely, reusing cooking water, composting organic waste... In this committed account, alternative and zero waste solutions are proposed for each step of daily life.

#4 : @peauneuve

Peau Neuve is an account like no other. Far from the classic photos that we usually find on Instagram, she shares her green favorites in terms of beauty but not only!

Peau Neuve helps her community to choose the best eco-responsible hygiene and makeup products, but also presents committed brands, good vegetarian or local addresses, and also composes seasonal recipes.

#5 : @asundaymorningperrine

Perrine is not only an influencer and blogger, she also a mom before everything else. On her account @asundaymorningperrine, she shares her family life and her love for nature.

Perrine has made it a point of honor to find initiatives to fight against global warming such as having a vegetarian diet. She shares with us her good addresses, her tips for everyday life, and her good plans to lead a "zero waste" life.

BellePaga, an eco-friendly brand

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BellePaga is a brand of ready-to-wear clothing and accessories made of baby alpaca fiber whose values put man, the environment, and morality at the center of its concerns.

Indeed, we have decided to promote articles made mainly from the wool of alpacas, animals with a very low ecological footprint.
They are based in Peru, where they are considered kings, and live in the wild in the Andes. This camelid takes care of its environment: the pads on its legs keep the soil intact and the fact that it does not pull out the roots of the plants it feeds on allows them to regenerate quickly. Moreover, the alpaca is very thrifty in terms of resources, it can live without eating or drinking for several days. Finally, its wide range of natural colors allows limiting the use of chemical and polluting dyes.

The alpacas are sheared once a year, in the spring, so as not to harm their survival during seasons with harsher temperatures.

Beyond that, since our offices are located in Brussels, we take care to reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible by reducing our consumption of energy, paper, and plastic.

Then, we ensure a transparent and trustworthy dialogue as well as a fair remuneration for each of our partner craftsmen. Each item is made with the ancestral know-how of the Peruvians and checked by hand to offer you the best quality.

Each year, the founders of BellePaga visit the region to ensure that the articles are produced in good conditions.

Against the phenomenon of fast fashion, we offer classic and timeless items that you can bring out every year and still be in trend. Alpaca wool being also very resistant, with careful maintenance, the life of your clothes is long of several years!

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