3 ideas for activities to do during lockdown

Over the past few weeks, e have all been living through a very special period that will undoubtedly remain in our memories. Here we are, for most of us, confined to the house. No more outings, no more aperitifs with friends or family meals. When you put it like that, it is true that it can quickly sound very depressing. But I promise, it is also possible to turn this period into an opportunity to make something positive out of it. Indeed, it is an opportunity to refocus on oneself, to review priorities, set new goals and finally take the time to do nothing! We give you 3 ideas of ideal activities to do in quarantine!

1. Sort your dressing room

We already told you about it in last week's article, sorting is one of our favourite things to do when we're at home. Not only does it allow you to see more clearly into your belongings, to realize what suits you, what you're wearing or, on the contrary, the pieces that have been lying at the back of the closet for many months... But sorting also allows you to clear your mind. We empty the cupboards while emptying our heads, and then we are ready to start again from scratch.

2. Day series + plaid + sweets 

We love this one, too. And it's definitely the easiest to set up. In short: do nothing at all! All year round, we complain about not having time, about being overworked, and we pray that the weekend will last one more day. Today, you are entitled to an extended Sunday, so it's time to enjoy it! It's time to put on your most comfortable outfit, pull out a good blanket and catch up on all the sets you left behind. I promise, no one will make you feel guilty!

3. Discovering new little brands

We all know that the crisis we are going through will not remain without consequences, and it is mainly small businesses that will pay the price. So why not take advantage of this time to wander around the net and discover small brands. As we told you in our previous article, moving towards responsible fashion means reducing your consumption of fast fashion. Of course, a purchase at a small qualitative brand will inevitably cost you more than a basket full in a fast fashion store, but we promise you, it will certainly bring you much greater satisfaction. So it's time to snoop around, make your special "wishlist" afterwards, and discover what Belgian slow fashion has to offer ! 

We really hope you enjoyed these little ideas for special confinement activities! Take care of yourself, of others, and enjoy your time!