For several years now, the protection of our environment has been at the heart of our concerns. In fact, we can observe a certain dedication to this cause. Trend or awareness, whatever the case, it is essential to change our lifestyles so that future generations can enjoy and grow on our planet. Therefore, to celebrate the International Day of the Environment which will take place on June 5th, here are a few tips to easily reduce our daily waste.

1- Sort your waste:

A gesture that has become harmless, but a reminder sting never hurts. Don't forget that well-sorted waste is well recycled waste!

2- Preserve your food well

No more food waste! It is important to understand the expiry dates and the "best before" and "best before" indications, as some products can be kept for several more months!

3- Use a composter

Install it in your garden if you are lucky enough to have one, or in the yard of your building by asking your neighbours for permission. The composter is ideal for reducing organic waste such as vegetable peelings! Not forgetting that compost is a superb fertilizer, ideal for pampering your vegetable garden!

4- Buy your products in bulk

Destroy the plastic or cardboard packaging that ends up in our oceans every year. Buy your products in bulk using reusable cloth bags or pots. Same advice for fish, meat or cheese! Favour the purchase of these products over vacuum-packed trays. The advantages are numerous: no plastic packaging, savings, no more food waste!

5- Anti-gaspi cooking

Make good small dishes with leftovers or vegetables that are a little too ripe. There are many recipes to reduce our food waste such as savoury cakes with the previous day's vegetables, vegetable steak with the rest of the chickpeas, vegetable peeling chips...

6- Repairing objects

Fight against this bad habit of buying back every time an object is broken! Today there are many tutos and DIYs on the web to repair your broken items yourself. But don't panic! For the less resourceful, you can always take it to a repair shop. Finally, it is useless to buy for exceptional occasions, it is better to rent!

7- Avoid stretch film!

Today, there are many alternatives to preserve food! Recycle your glass jars like jam jars or invest in beeswax cling film. The principle is identical to that of stretch film, the latter will take the shape of the container thanks to beeswax. Finally, once finished flatten it, give it a sponge bath and it is ready for a new use!

8- Drink from a stainless steel flask

It's high time to abolish single-use plastic bottles! Get yourself a nice reusable stainless steel flask and fill it up whenever you need it!

9- Set up a vegetable garden

To banish fruits and vegetables stuffed with GMOs that travel hundreds of kilometers before landing on your plate. By the way, you don't have to have a garden to enjoy a vegetable garden! Go to the blog with the May 18th article for who will explain how to build a small vertical vegetable garden with a palette, ideal for balconies or terraces!

10- Washing with solid cosmetics

It may sound crazy, but today there are soaps, shampoos and even solid toothpastes! They are more and more commercialized in the big brands. Perfect to reduce the plastic packaging of our cosmetics and last longer!

11- Ethical, sustainable and responsible dressing

For everyone's well-being, dress with sustainable brands that honour ethics. What if you choose BellePaga? Thanks to fair trade, our products come from local and artisanal production, we make every effort to ensure that our business has no harmful impact on our environment and we protect animals.