Alpaca wool is a fragile and precious wool, so it must be well cared for in order to keep his clothes in good condition. 

Although it keeps warm, its fibre is very fine and care must be taken to control the texture of the wool and take care of it to keep your clothes for many years.  

As with many wools, it is recommended to clean your clothes by hand in cold water and the use of a mild shampoo is recommended. No need to use fabric softener, alpaca wool is already naturally supple and, moreover, it is bad for the environment. 

Massage your garment for 5 minutes and rinse it thoroughly at the same temperature. Do not twist your garment, instead use a sponge towel and let it dry flat, away from sunlight. 

If you wish to wash your garment in the machine, don't worry, but don't forget to pay attention to the temperature (maximum 20° to 30°) and spin-drying (maximum 400 to 600 turns). Do not use your dryer! Dry it flat on a towel and always in a room with little light.

Alpaca wool does not need to be ironed after each wash. But if ironing is done, make sure the iron is at a low temperature and use a cloth to be placed between the iron and the alpaca garment so as not to damage the wool.

If you have stained your alpaca wool sweater, don't panic, don't use stain remover or detergent. Instead, use Marseille soap to avoid creating a halo of discoloration.

With these little tips, we can assure you that your alpaca wool clothes will last for generations without getting wrinkled.

P.S.: The best natural moth killer is the lavender sachet

The BellePaga team