Respect for animals and the environment: BellePaga's watchwords

For BellePaga, it is essential to take into account our flagship animal, the alpaca. We consider them at their true value and strive to respect their biological needs and individuality. It is our responsibility not to exploit them.
Today it is important to discern and realize how animals are treated in the fur, leather, down, exotic skins and wool industries. Every collection, every garment, every accessory that we produce are 100% cruelty free. Compassion, empathy and concern for the environment shape our values.

BellePaga's commitments

The Bellepaga company, through its activities, is committed to the following actions:
- Respect for the well-being of every worker who has contributed to the production of BellePaga products.
- The fair redistribution of each of these workers
- Respect for the environment by choosing animals with a very low ecological impact.
- Optimized reduction of transport and CO2 emissions
Thus, we work and collaborate with Peruvian and Bolivian artisans and breeders who share our concerns and respect the animal.

Our alpacas are bred and grow in total freedom in their natural habitat, the Andes Cordillera, at an altitude of over 4000 meters. The fibre comes from their spring shearing which is necessary to guarantee the well-being of our alpacas. Our co-founders regularly visit the area to maintain friendly links with local breeders.