My feet are cold, what should I do? BellePaga has the solution!

We have all been confronted with the feeling that our feet are freezing. For some, this coldness is constant. Indeed, the phenomenon of cold feet is already well known. Often, the first thing that comes to mind then is to take a good footbath with warm water and then put on a good big pair of socks. Of course, these gestures will indeed warm our feet for a few moments, but often this is not enough... At BellePaga, we have the solution to your problems. And yes... the flagship product here is our socks. In addition to their incomparable comfort, they are equipped with a shower, hot and thermoregulatory. But they also have many other natural virtues.... 

Today, in this article we will talk to you about our special socks and all their qualities! Let's discover together the solution for cold feet! 

Alpaca wool socks

You certainly know these cute little animals that are very trendy nowadays: alpacas. As soft on the outside as it is in terms of its character, it is an animal that lives at more than 4000 metres above sea level in the Andes Cordillera in South America. It is the latter that produces an exceptional fibre, called "wool of the gods" by the Incas. 

Alpaca (fibre) is also known for its insulating and thermoregulatory properties. Indeed, being 7 times hotter than sheep's wool, alpaca is considered the hottest wool. There is nothing like small alpaca socks to keep your little feet warm and to solve cold feet problems. But the qualities of alpaca fibre do not stop there! Indeed, in addition to its thermoregulatory powers, this fibre offers unparalleled softness and comfort. Another big advantage of alpaca is that it does not sting. Thin and elegant, our socks are "all-purpose" and go very well with all outfits. In short, a real pleasure to wear! 

In addition to socks, BellePaga has a collection of sweaters, ponchos, scarves, caps,... with the same features and benefits as our socks! 

Not to mention our gloves, which could also respond to cold weather problems. People with cold feet generally have this problem at all extremities of their bodies. Once again, BellePaga offers you thermoregulatory gloves that will allow you to stay warm while not forgetting the softness and comfort.

What BellePaga has to offer 

Today, BellePaga is one of the first start-ups in Belgium to offer you a wide range of high quality socks for both men and women. No more cold feet, no more humidity and no more bacteria growth. With our socks, your feet breathe better, stay dry and above all healthier! 


BellePaga warm socks are the solution to your problems.
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