All about the Hygge concept !

There is no exact translation for the term hygge. But if we were to relate it to a meaning it would be a feeling of happiness, a well-being, a positive spirit awakened by a soothing, soft and friendly moment.

Enjoying together

Hygge places user-friendliness at the centre of its concept. Enjoying family and friends during meals, aperitifs, or group activities. It is essential to leave aside your telephone and computer and only connect to the people around you and live the present moment with your loved ones to the fullest.

Small daily pleasures

The hygge concept is based on the small pleasures that you can experience every day without worrying about the rest. Taking the time to take a bath, cooking a good meal, relaxing around a good fire, enjoying your family... You just have to enjoy the present moment without thinking about the daily worries and be satisfied with simple things. Enjoying what you have without spending a penny is the number one rule of the hygge concept.

Dress in your most comfortable outfit.

Feeling good in your clothes is just as important as feeling good at home. Put on your warmest socks, your softest jogging suit and your softest sweater and you're ready for a hygienic day in your cozy nest with a good plaid! For optimum comfort and warmth, choose alpaca clothing, which is a beautiful soft, warm, resistant and ecological alternative! 

A cocooning decoration 

In the Nordic countries, winters are harsh and it is therefore important to feel at home with a warm decoration. It is not necessary to find hygge in every room of the house, but to install a small corner where you feel comfortable. Carpets, candles, animal skins, an alpaca plaid, many accessories are available to bring a warm and cocooning side to the room to lounge and relax. 

Opt for subdued lighting

Well-being is also achieved through pleasant and warm lighting. During the day, avoid using artificial light and let natural light into your home.  In the evening, prohibit white, strong or dazzling lights and take out your candles and garlands to create a Zen and pleasant atmosphere.


In order to relax and enjoy this Zen moment, unplug your electronic devices, turn off your phone and put away the computer! This step is necessary in order to live in the present moment without being disturbed by a notification that you would try to read this e-mail from work that has just arrived in your mailbox. Every day we are more connected than the day before and we sometimes miss pleasant moments. Taking time for oneself and one's family by disconnecting from everything is a basic rule of the hygge concept. 

Prepare yourself a good hot drink

Tea, coffee, cappuccino, hot chocolate, prepare yourself a good hot drink that will warm both your heart and your handcuffs while delighting your taste buds! Enjoy it quietly under a soft plaid in your soft sofa in front of a good movie.

As you will have understood, hygge is a state, a positive and happy predisposition. Enjoying convivial moments in a calm, soft and serene environment while disconnecting is the Danish recipe for happiness.