The time of the year that we all look forward to so that we can escape, decompress from last year and above all discover new horizons... Going abroad or discovering new regions of your country... Travelling is a precious source of wealth and an incredible way to open your conscience. However, it is also a very polluting act... Transport, overpopulation, consumption, leisure, ... All these activities are harmful for our dear planet. In a context of climate emergency, it is better to be aware of these issues and try to act accordingly at our level. Thus, discover in this article some tips to travel in a greener way!

- Optimize your trip

The type of route, the airline and the flight schedule we choose have a direct impact on the CO2 emissions of our trip.
First of all, choose direct flights with stopovers, which pollute more. Indeed, the total distance is longer, and requires several take-offs that consume the most fuel during the flight. Opt for charter flights, which provide many seats and have a very high occupancy rate. A fully loaded flight shares its carbon footprint with a larger number of passengers, reducing CO2 emissions per passenger kilometre.

- Favouring the train

The plane is one of the most polluting means of transport. It is therefore preferable to use greener means of transport, such as trains. With an average of 14 grams of CO2 per passenger per kilometre, travelling by train considerably reduces our carbon footprint, unlike flying, which spends 73 to 285 grams of CO2. Of course, travelling by train when you live far from a large city is not easy, but if you do the math, the total travel time to neighbouring countries is not obviously longer if you take into account the trip to the airport, waiting times at the airport, etc.

- Offsetting your Carbon Footprint

The idea here is to cancel your carbon footprint when you travel by investing in an environmental project next door, in order to save the same amount of CO2 on a global scale. Thus, providing financial support to worthwhile works will offset and erase the consequences of your travels. So, don't hesitate to calculate your carbon footprint on the internet thanks to CO2 calculators.

- Suitcase on a diet

As with any gasoline-powered means of transportation, the larger the load to be transported, the more fuel the engine must consume to move that load.
Did you know that one kilogram less on board an aircraft saves 69 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year? Incredible, isn't it? So when you travel, choose a small cabin suitcase to reduce the aircraft's carbon footprint. Analyze your needs, know the weather conditions of the destination, and avoid unnecessary items. No more "if ever" when preparing your suitcase, only take the things you'll need for your trip.

- Resist temptation

There are so many places to discover. Today, travel agencies, sites and organizations offer more and more attractive offers to satisfy our desire for escapades. Without forgetting the low cost airlines that offer plane tickets for a bite to eat. Admittedly, these promotions are very tempting, but let's not lose our rationality in order to continue to conscientiously consume travel like all other areas.