Wool scarf man

Winter scarf for men
Wool scarf man

Finding scarves for men is not always easy. Indeed, if women have a wide choice of colors, patterns, models, it is not often the case for men. At BellePaga, however, this problem does not arise: we have different models of scarves, in different colors, for both women and men! No more difficulties to try to find a brand that makes wool scarves for men, at BellePaga you are at the right place!

BellePaga is a Belgian brand that sells clothes and accessories made of alpaca wool, the best wool for warm clothes, like men's wool scarves. This wool, nicknamed the "wool of the gods", has extraordinary virtues, which are still too little known. It is an ideal wool for winter, 7 times warmer than sheep's wool, very soft and very comfortable.

The alpaca wool that makes up our men's wool scarves comes from Peru and Bolivia, two South American countries. It is collected during the shearing of alpacas, which live in freedom in their natural environment, in the highlands of the Andes.

The properties of alpaca wool
alpaca wool

The alpaca wool that composes our wool scarves for men has many virtues.

First of all, it is a thermoregulating wool. This means that it can adapt to the temperature of your body, but also to the temperature of the room in which you are, whether it is hot or cold. So, alpaca wool clothing and accessories will keep you warm if it's cold and keep you cool if it's too hot. This is especially useful for socks because it helps reduce sweating on your feet, but it's also a big plus for a men's wool scarf, since it will keep your neck warm without getting TOO hot.

You should also know that alpaca wool is a hypoallergenic wool. In fact, it does not contain lanolin, the allergenic substance found in most other wools, which causes allergic reactions or itching. Alpaca wool clothing is therefore particularly soft and comfortable.

Finally, it is a very resistant wool with an insulating power 4 times higher than that of sheep's wool. Alpaca wool clothes are perfect to keep your body at a good temperature and on top of that, they have a long life span. Thanks to their durability, and the fact that alpaca wool hardly pills, your alpaca wool clothing will serve you for many years. It is therefore an excellent investment.

A little additional information: there is alpaca wool, finer than usual, which is called Baby alpaca wool. Contrary to what you might think, it is not baby alpaca wool, in fact it is the opposite. Baby alpaca wool is in fact the finest wool of the adult alpaca, harvested to make even softer and more comfortable garments, like our men's wool scarves.

Scarf man cashmere
Wool scarf man

There is another material than wool, often chosen as an alternative for warm and comfortable clothes.

Indeed, cashmere is known to have many qualities. In particular, it is a very insulating material, because it naturally regulates humidity. Cashmere is just as warm as wool and just as soft, so it offers incredible comfort when you wear it.

Like alpaca wool, cashmere is thermoregulatory: it can adapt to your body temperature and provide all the warmth you need or keep you cool so you don't sweat.

But then, why choose alpaca wool for your men's wool scarf? Well, because alpaca wool has all the advantages of cashmere, but without the disadvantages. Indeed, alpaca wool has all the qualities that we have just listed for cashmere but is much more resistant than this material.

So, if you hesitate between these two materials for your scarf, choose alpaca wool! It will last you for many years, much more than a cashmere scarf.

Moreover, wool, especially alpaca wool, is a much more noble and prestigious material than cashmere.

Scarf man wool big knit
Wool scarf man

At BellePaga, as we have explained, we have different models of men's wool scarves and in different colors. For classic styles, to go with any outfit, we have neutral colors such as black, gray, brown, beige, white, Camel... On the other hand, if you want more original colors, more showy, to add a colorful touch to your outfit, we have water green, lavender, wine red, orange...

Regarding the models, we have thin and very soft scarves, made of Baby alpaca wool (it is the finest wool of the adult alpaca, not baby alpaca wool). These are not very long and can be worn as scarves. They are ideal to accompany professional outfits adding a touch of elegance.

We also have thicker and larger (but equally soft) scarves made of coarse knit fabrics. These are perfect for winter outings, for walks by the mother or in the forest. They are longer than the thin scarves and keep you just as warm.

Our thick wool scarves are not made of 100% Baby alpaca like our thinner scarves, they have in their composition merino wool in addition to the Baby alpaca wool to make them thicker. We can't get the same result using only alpaca wool because it is a very fine wool.

Why buy your men's wool scarf from BellePaga
Wool scarf man

BellePaga is a brand with many values that are important to it.

The respect of the environment is an essential element. Alpacas are animals with a low ecological footprint because they produce few greenhouse gases. Moreover, it is an animal that respects plants because, unlike other animals such as goats, it does not destroy the fields in which it lives, firstly because it does not pull up the roots of the plants it eats and secondly, as it does not have hooves, it does not destroy the grass of the fields. This means that the plants that he has eaten can grow back later and be used to feed the alpacas again. It is also important to know that no chemicals are used to treat the wool or to dye it. Indeed, there is naturally white alpaca wool so no bleaching is necessary and the coloring is done with natural plant pigments.

Furthermore, at BellePaga we care about the animals from which we harvest the wool. The alpacas, which live in Peru and Bolivia, live in complete freedom, without enclosure or barrier, outdoors. Their shearing is also carried out at the most favourable time for their well-being, in spring, before the hot summer periods. They are thus more comfortable with less wool to wear.

The respect of the craftsmen we call upon for the making or the finishing of our clothes and accessories is also something that is important to us. That's why we make sure that they are fairly compensated for their ancestral traditional know-how, which is passed on from generation to generation. We also make sure that the artisans work in good conditions.

BellePaga is the ideal brand if you want to buy your men's wool scarf from a brand that cares about its environmental impact and that respects animals and craftsmen.

Maintenance of your wool scarf for men
Wool scarf man

The alpaca wool is a resistant wool, but it requires a particular maintenance not to get damaged.

Above all, do not put your wool scarf in the washing machine! This is the best way to damage your wool. Prefer a dry cleaning or hand washing, between 10 and 20°, with a shampoo for delicate wool. This will allow your scarf to keep its original appearance for many years.

Similarly, do not put your men's wool scarf in the dryer. It is better to let it air dry, especially since alpaca wool, thanks to its breathable properties, is a relatively fast drying material.

Finally, if you want to iron your scarf, which can be the case with our 100% Baby alpaca scarves because they are very thin, do it at low temperature and without steam, again to avoid damaging the wool.

Now that you know more about alpaca wool, what are you waiting for to try our men's alpaca wool scarves!

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