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Very warm winter sweater for women
warm sweater

Winters are getting colder and colder and like everyone else, you are looking for clothes to keep you warm? You are at the right place! At BellePaga, we have a wonderful collection of clothing made of alpaca wool, the "wool of the gods", which is a very warm and comfortable wool. It makes up all of our clothing and accessories, giving you a great choice for your winter wardrobe.

Among our clothes, we have very warm winter sweaters for women. They are very soft and will offer you all the warmth you need. We have different models and in many colors, you have something to choose from! Alpaca wool will become your best ally for the winter.

Warm and comfortable sweater
warm sweater

Warm sweaters can be created from different materials.

Wool is a material very well known for its warmth, with merino wool in particular. Merino wool comes from the merino sheep and is widely used for mountaineering clothing because its incredible warmth and durability are highly valued for outdoor sports like mountaineering. Moreover, it is a very insulating wool that wicks moisture and has no odor. It is therefore ideal for extreme sports but also for the manufacture of warm clothing for winter. Finally, merino wool is very light and does not itch on contact with the skin unlike other types of wool.

There is also the polar fabric, which offers a great protection against the cold thanks to its insulating properties. The fiber that composes this fabric allows a certain permeability and evacuates the perspiration towards the outside while keeping the heat close to the body. Like merino wool, it is a material that is often found in outdoor sportswear, because it is flexible and keeps warm in low temperatures. Fleece is also very breathable and can be washed very easily. It is a fabric that is increasingly found in winter clothing, either in the entire composition of the garment or as an inner lining.

Another example of a material used for warm clothing is cashmere. Cashmere is a material very well known for being warm and soft at the same time. It is often in this material that we buy warm sweaters, scarves, vests ... Cashmere comes largely from the cashmere goat that lives in Tibet. Like the two materials mentioned above, it has insulating properties, three times more than sheep's wool, thanks to its ability to regulate moisture. Cashmere is also very warm although thinner and lighter than wool. This material is often chosen over wool because it is not itchy, it is on the contrary very soft to the touch, which makes it very pleasant to wear and comfortable.

The advantages of alpaca wool
alpaca wool

You have the choice between several materials for a very warm winter sweater woman. However, none of them is equal to alpaca wool!

First, if you hesitate with cashmere sweaters, know that alpaca wool has the same qualities as this material and it is even warmer. It is in fact 7 times warmer than sheep's wool. This is due to its thermoregulatory properties. Indeed, alpaca wool can adapt to the heat of your body and to the heat of the place where you are. It will give you coolness when it's hot but more importantly, it will give you warmth when it's cold.

Moreover, it is a hypoallergenic wool, so if you refuse the very warm winter sweaters for women because you are allergic, you can choose the alpaca wool! It contains absolutely no lanolin, the allergenic substance you find in most wools.

Alpaca wool is also a very soft wool, unlike other wools that can itch. It offers an unequalled comfort in addition to its warmth.

Finally, it is a very resistant wool that does not pilling. You will be able to keep your very warm winter sweaters, as well as other alpaca wool clothes, for many years thanks to its long life.

Why should I buy my very warm sweater from BellePaga?
alpaca wool

After choosing the material of your sweater, you have to choose where you are going to buy it. Well look no further and choose BellePaga!
BellePaga is a Belgian brand, with values that are very important to us.

First of all, the respect of the environment. Today more than ever, it is important to pay attention to our environment, with pollution and global warming. It is important to know that the alpaca is an ecological animal that produces little greenhouse gases, it has a small ecological footprint, unlike other animals like cows. Moreover, it does not tear up the roots of the plants it eats (as do goats). The fields in which the alpacas are raised are therefore reusable after they have eaten everything because the plants can grow back afterwards.

Furthermore, no chemicals are used in our products. The wool is not treated with harmful products and there is no need to bleach the wool if you want white wool because there is already white alpaca wool. The colors are obtained with natural plant pigments, again no chemicals are used.

We are also concerned about the welfare of the animals. The shearing of the alpacas is done in the spring, the season when this shearing is most beneficial for them, before the summer.

Finally, we pay a fair price for the traditional knowledge of the Peruvian craftsmen to whom we call for the weaving of the wool and the making of our clothes.

Trendy warm sweater for women
warm sweater

At BellePaga, you will find timeless basics to have in your wardrobe, in colors that will go with any of your outfits.

Among the different colors of sweaters we have to offer, we have for example light blue and brown, two colors that often come back in fashion. We also offer other colors such as white, gray, beige, hard red and electric blue. There is plenty to do!

Our sweaters are perfect for creating a capsule wardrobe. A capsule wardrobe is a minimalist dressing room, where you only have clothes that are consistent with each other and can be mixed and matched in as many different combinations as you like. You then have several variations of outfits possible, without needing many clothes.

The advantage of such a wardrobe is that you invest in the right clothes once, and then you don't need to buy new clothes regularly because you always have something to wear. BellePaga's clothes are perfect for this.

They are stylish and simple at the same time and can be worn with any style, ideal for a capsule wardrobe.

Men's Warm Sweater
warm sweater

Gentlemen, you too can find your happiness at BellePaga! It's not always easy for you to find what you need. Not all brands have a large choice of sweaters for men, whether it is in terms of colors, cut or material. Most of the time, they are cotton sweaters, in black, grey or navy blue.

At BellePaga, we have beautiful sweaters for men in different colors. We have blue, wine, ochre, blue-gray, charcoal-gray sweaters... in different patterns. You can choose between round neck sweaters, for an everyday look, and V-neck sweaters to wear with shirts for a more elegant style.

All these sweaters are also made of alpaca wool and are therefore very warm, perfect for this winter. Buying your sweater from BellePaga means buying a quality sweater that will protect you from the cold for many years.

Maintenance of your very warm winter sweater
warm sweater

Although alpaca wool is a resistant wool, you must be careful when cleaning it to avoid damaging your clothes.

You must wash your alpaca wool clothes by hand or dry clean, between 10° and 20°, with a shampoo for delicate wools. Do not use fabric softener.

To dry them, air dry and lay flat rather than use a dryer.

Finally, if you want to iron your clothes, do it at low temperature and without steam.

Now that you know more about Alpaca wool, why not try some of the very warm winter sweaters for women at BellePaga?

Come and discover all our sweaters in our Women's collection, but also all our other clothes and accessories in our Men's and Home & Decoration collections!