winter poncho woman

Women's winter poncho
women's winter poncho

Are you looking for a woman's winter poncho to protect you from the cold? You are at the right place! At BellePaga, we offer extraordinary ponchos that can warm you up this winter. These ponchos will become an essential part of your wardrobe, both in summer and winter, you will not be able to do without them!

With winters getting colder and colder, it is important to cover up well. To do this, you need to choose the right clothes for the season. At BellePaga, we sell clothes made of alpaca wool, a wool with exceptional properties. They are perfect to keep warm in winter, especially our winter ponchos for women.

A poncho is first and foremost an elegant and timeless garment: a classic. Well, at BellePaga, we have ponchos of a unique quality that can accompany all your outfits, giving them a bohemian and elegant style at the same time, while offering you an unparalleled comfort.

What is alpaca wool?

Alpaca wool is a wool that comes from South American countries, especially Peru. It is nicknamed the "wool of the gods" because it was once reserved for the Inca nobility. It then became more known in the world and more accessible to everyone, although it remains a very prestigious wool and with a fairly high cost.

Alpaca wool, which composes our women's winter ponchos, has many qualities.

First of all, it is a thermoregulatory wool. It adapts to the temperature of your body, whether it is hot or cold and therefore allows you to have a garment, like the women's winter ponchos, that can be worn during the winter but also during the summer! Wool provides warmth when it's cold and cold when it's hot, so it's ideal for creating ponchos that you can use all year round.

Plus, it's a hypoallergenic wool. It doesn't contain lanolin, the allergenic substance found in most wools that causes the allergic reactions you get if you wear wool when you are allergic. So alpaca wool is a great alternative if you want wool clothing, like women's winter ponchos, but are allergic to wool.

Alpaca wool is a very soft and warm wool, which offers you an unbeatable comfort. For your women's winter poncho, there is nothing better than this wool to feel like in a cocoon all winter long (and even during summer). Moreover, this wool does not pilling and is very resistant, so you can keep your extraordinary winter poncho for many years.

Finally, it is a waterproof wool. You can wear alpaca wool clothing, such as ponchos, outside, whether it's sunny or rainy, especially since the wool, once wet, has no odor.

Why choose BellePaga for your winter poncho ?
alpaca wool

Choosing BellePaga means choosing a brand with values.

The entire process, from the harvesting of the wool to the production of the garments, is done with respect for the environment, the animals and the artisans.

No chemicals are used in our products. The wool is not treated with chemicals and the wool does not need to be bleached because there is naturally white alpaca wool that can be used if needed. Moreover, the alpaca is an ecological animal with a very low carbon footprint. Indeed, it is an animal that produces few greenhouse gases, unlike other animals in breeding, and it does not tear the roots of the plants it eats, unlike goats for example, and these plants can grow back after being eaten and be used to feed the alpacas again.

The shearing of the alpacas is done in the respect of the animals. They are sheared in spring, the season when this shearing is the most favourable to their well-being because they are less hot during the summer. It is true that their wool is thermoregulatory and can therefore adapt to extreme temperatures, but it does them good not to have too much wool on them when it is very hot.

The Peruvian artisans who weave the wool and make the clothes are justly compensated. Their traditional skills, which are passed on from generation to generation, are exceptional and it is important for us to take them into account.

Trendy women's poncho
women's winter poncho

A woman's winter poncho is an excellent compromise between a vest and a coat. You can wear them indoors, at home, as well as outside to go out.

A poncho is a very fluid garment, so it can suit all body types, all clothing styles and all occasions, which makes it a must-have for your wardrobe.

There are different models: long, mid-length, short, with bangs, plain or with patterns ... At BellePaga, we have some with bangs and different colors. If you want neutral colors, we have beige, black, sand, denim blue, navy blue and silver gray. If you prefer brighter colors, we have red, curry yellow, orange and pink.

There's something for everyone. You have a choice for any outfit and any season.

Poncho plaid woman
alpaca wool

Another advantage of the poncho? You can use it as a plaid! There is nothing better than a women's winter poncho to keep warm at home. Indeed, ponchos look like big capes, and those made of alpaca wool are very warm, so they can be used as a plaid when you're sitting on your sofa! So, no need to invest in both a poncho and a plaid, because BellePaga ponchos can be used to do both at the same time!

However, if you want to have a real plaid, we also have some at BellePaga (always in alpaca wool of course). We have them in different colors: pink, turquoise, yellow...They can match any kind of decoration and keep you warm. They are very comfortable (as much as our ponchos) and very soft.

Baby alpaca winter poncho for women
women's winter poncho

All the ponchos from BellePaga are made only of Baby Alpaca wool. Don't get me wrong, Baby Alpaca is not a baby alpaca. In reality, this term is used to designate the finest wool produced by the adult alpaca. It is a very soft wool, one of the softest there is, and does not pilling. It allows us to make women's winter ponchos that are particularly comfortable and long-lasting: you can keep them for many years and wear them as much as you like!

Baby alpaca is a wool that offers maximum softness and warmth. It is often compared to silk for its comfort, but it is actually softer, silkier and warmer than silk!

To realize how thin this wool is: its thickness is between 18 and 22 microns! (The micron is a unit of measurement that corresponds to the micrometer, it is equivalent to the thousandth part of the millimeter). It offers however an exceptional warmth!

The origin of women's winter ponchos
women's winter poncho

It is interesting to know the origin of this original garment. The poncho seems to come from the Andes of South America, where people have been wearing them for centuries. It is one of the oldest clothing designs in the world.

Ponchos were designed to fight against the cold but also to fight against sandstorms and wind.
The first ponchos were mostly made of alpaca wool, in Peru. This is one of the first clothes made of alpaca wool.

It is a very practical garment that was made to keep warm and protect without hindering movement. The ponchos are usually very large, but they have fluids to facilitate the movements. There are all kinds: some can be worn completely closed, with just a hole for the head, others can be worn open and wrapped around the body. Most of them come down below the knee.

Ponchos are a typical garment that is still widely worn in Peru. They are often covered with drawings and symbols, specific to each community. They allow to keep dry, because the alpaca wool with which they are made is waterproof, but also to keep warm in the morning and in the evening, in the mountains.

This garment has many different stories, all very interesting to discover. The most important thing to remember is that the poncho is a very old garment, whose purpose is to protect and keep warm the person who wears it, which makes it a garment that is still very common and appreciated today, especially during the winter, and that gives an incomparable feeling of comfort.

Maintenance of the winter poncho woman

Alpaca wool, like all wools, is a delicate but resistant wool. It is therefore necessary to be careful when washing it, so as not to risk damaging it.

First of all, you have to wash them by hand or dry, at 10° or 20° degree maximum.

It should be washed with a mild shampoo for delicate wool in order not to damage it and you should not use any softener.

Dry it flat and iron it at a low temperature without steam.

Now that you know all the qualities of women's winter ponchos from BellePaga, what are you waiting for to try them?

Come and discover our Women's collection (where you will find our incredible winter ponchos for women) but also our Men's and Home & Decoration collections where we have a lot of other alpaca wool garments and accessories (like our plaids).