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Very warm winter socks
winter socks

Cold feet are a recurring problem for many people. Whether we are cold or not, our feet, just like our hands, are very prone to cold. This can cause blood circulation problems, numbness in the toes... All this is not good for our health and well-being and it is therefore important to remedy it, especially with winters becoming colder and colder (even if, of course, we can encounter this problem of cold feet throughout the year).

To do this, what better than very warm and comfortable winter socks to stop having frozen feet? At Bellepaga, we have pairs of very warm winter socks, ideal to solve your problem. You will never have cold feet again!

What material should I choose for warm winter socks?
winter socks

Very warm winter socks are good, but you still need to know what material to choose. Cotton, wool ... Among the warmest materials, we find goat mohair, yak down, Merino wool, silk, cashmere and cotton.

Goat mohair is a natural fiber that comes from the fleece of the angora goat. It is a light and very insulating fiber. It is also very soft and non-itchy, making it ideal for skin contact.

Yak down is a very warm wool that comes from the animal bearing the same name. It is a very soft, fluffy fiber, which has thermoregulatory and insulating properties. It is therefore a perfect material for making very warm winter socks.

Merino wool comes from merino sheep. It is an insulating wool, which evacuates moisture (no problem of perspiration). It is very light, does not itch, unlike other wools, and has no smell.

Silk is a fiber created by caterpillars, most often the caterpillars of the Bombyx du Mûrier. It is very resistant, although very light, thanks to its elasticity. Like the materials mentioned above, it absorbs moisture and is therefore ideal for use in socks. It is also a very soft fiber.

Cashmere comes from cashmere goats. It is very insulating and regulates moisture. It is a warmer, though lighter, fiber than some other wools that has thermoregulatory properties. However, as it is a very fine yarn, it is not present in large quantities in socks, because it is less resistant than other wools and is therefore not ideal for the manufacture of socks, which are garments very subject to friction.

And finally cotton. Cotton is also a natural fiber that comes from a shrub called the cotton plant. It is a hypoallergenic and soft fiber, very used by people allergic to wool or who have sensitive skin because it does not irritate the skin. It is an inexpensive material, which is why cotton socks are more affordable than wool socks. It is a warm, insulating and comfortable fiber.

The best solution: alpaca wool!
alpaca wool

All these fibers have their advantages and disadvantages for the creation of very warm winter socks. However, there is another wool that has all the ideal properties for very warm winter socks (and for clothing in general)alpaca wool.

Alpaca wool comes from animals with the same name. It is a wool called the "wool of the gods", because it has exceptional virtues. It is thermoregulatory: it adapts to the temperature of your body, whether it is cold or hot. It is also a very soft and hypoallergenic wool: it is soft in contact with the skin and does not contain lanolin, the allergenic substance present in most wools. It is 7 times warmer than sheep's wool, and hardly pills at all.

Alpaca wool is also very resistant, and therefore ideal for socks, especially since its thermoregulatory properties reduce perspiration problems on the feet.
At Bellepaga, we use this extraordinary wool for all our garments, because it has all the virtues of cashmere without the disadvantages, and it is perfect for the creation of warm garments.

The composition of our very warm winter socks

Our socks, like all items in our collection, are produced from alpaca wool. More precisely, the wool we use comes from Peru, a country in eastern South America, where we manufacture all our clothes. We use the know-how of local artisans to guarantee the highest quality.

No chemical products are used in the making of the clothes. The colors are obtained thanks to natural pigments and there is no need to bleach the wool because there are alpacas with very white wools, which do not require any bleaching and therefore no use of chemicals.
Our new socks are made of baby alpaca wool (which are not baby alpacas but adult alpacas, having the softest wool) and bamboo fiber, a hypoallergenic and antibacterial fiber.

Why choose Bellepaga for your warm winter socks
alpaca wool

Respect for the environment is a key element that every brand must take into account. At Bellepaga, we care about the environment, but also about the artisans who produce our clothes, the animals that provide us with wool, and of course your well-being.

The alpaca is an ecological animal because it emits few greenhouse gases, and unlike other animals such as goats, it does not tear up the roots of the plants it eats, which allows these plants to grow back, and thus serve to feed the same alpacas again.

The artisans are justly remunerated, to reward their work and their exceptional know-how that is passed on from generation to generation.

The alpacas live in freedom, on the high plateaus of the Andes and their shearing is done in spring, the best season to benefit their well-being.

What pattern to choose for very warm winter socks for men?
winter socks

Gentlemen, we have a very wide range for your very warm winter socks. If you want original patterns, we have cactus, alpacas, leaves ... in different colors. If you prefer softer patterns, we have polka dots, checks, lines, stripes... in different colors too.

Prefer plain socks? No problem! Cream, grey (light or dark), navy, black, red... You can match them with any of your outfits!

Of course, they are available in several sizes. You can choose socks if you want a sporty look, or simply for everyday wear, or rather mid-calf socks to go with a nice suit (or simply to keep your ankles warm in winter).

Which pattern to choose for warm socks for women?
winter socks

Ladies, don't worry, we have a lot of patterns to offer you too!

As for men, you can choose between original patterns, or more neutral patterns (you can take both if you want...). In the original patterns, we have small alpacas, the emblematic animals of our brand, leaves, cactus... These patterns can be worn by women as well as men, so no jealousy!

For the more neutral patterns, there are as for men, polka dots, sailor patterns, lines, checks ... A wide choice is possible!

For plain colors, you have black, camel, navy blue, cream, gray, but also lila and melon! So you can take socks for winter, with more neutral and darker colors, and take socks for summer, with cooler and lighter colors.

Finally, depending on the look you want to adopt, there are different sizes. For a sporty look, you can go for our socks, to put with a skirt, we have high socks ideal, and finally for an everyday look, we have the classic socks, which arrive at mid-calf.

Thermal socks against the cold!
winter socks

Because of global warming, winters are getting colder and colder. For people who suffer from foot diseases or who easily get numb feet because of the cold, this reality is even more noticeable. Well, thanks to our very warm alpaca wool socks, the cold will no longer be a problem for your feet! With their thermoregulatory and insulating properties, your feet will be warm all winter long (and even during the rest of the year).

So don't hesitate any longer and try our very warm winter socks, Bellepaga's flagship product!

You'll see, you won't be able to do without alpaca wool.

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