Warm comforter 240x260

Warm comforter 240x260
Warm comforter

With temperatures dropping, and energy prices rising, it's hard to know how to stay warm, especially at night! When it comes to sleeping, everyone wants to be warm in their comforter, without having to turn the heat up to extravagant temperatures and without having to make sure the sheets aren't cold before slipping into them. But how do you do it? Is there an ideal comforter?

At BellePaga, we have a solution to warm your nights while saving energy (yes, it's true). Our warm 240x260 alpaca wool comforter, as well as all the other comforters we offer, will keep you warm all night long thanks to the incredible properties of alpaca wool.

How to choose your warm comforter 240x260 ?
Warm comforter

There are different materials to create a comforter. There are the most famous ones like cotton, which makes comforters soft, synthetic fibers like polyester which is anti-mite, flannel, silk, bamboo, or even linen which is thermoregulatory and at BellePaga: alpaca wool and Pima cotton. But then, how to choose the right material among all these possibilities?

If you want a warm, very soft, light and hypoallergenic comforter, don't think about it anymore, choose the 240x260 warm comforter from Bellepaga! It combines in one comforter all the advantages of other materials thanks to the alpaca wool and pima cotton. You won't have to give up anything for your comfort!

Warm comforter 240x260 Composition
Alpaca wool

With a 100% alpaca wool interior, more precisely babyalpaca fiber, and a 100% Pima cotton cover, our comforters will offer you a unique experience, magical nights with unparalleled comfort. Indeed, alpaca wool has extraordinary virtues. It is notably lighter and softer than other fibers, which allows our comforters to keep warm without being heavy and to be easy to use. Pima cotton is extremely soft, which allows our comforters to be as comfortable as clouds (if you don't believe us, try it for yourself).

Moreover, it is a 100% natural comforter, no chemicals were used during its production, since the alpaca fiber does not require any bleaching or dyeing. This makes it an exceptional product because today, everyone is looking for environmentally friendly products. The wool comes from an ecological animal, the alpaca, and the material is completely biodegradable.

Warm comforter 240x260 Warmth

Alpaca wool is a soft and warm wool that offers unparalleled comfort. It has thermoregulatory properties that maintain an ideal temperature whether it is hot or cold, all year round, by adapting to your body temperature but also to the temperature of the room in which you sleep. It also allows you to avoid sweating because it regulates the temperature necessary for your body, so there is no risk of being too hot and waking up sweating.

This warm comforter 240x260 will offer you all the warmth you need during the night, without having to put the heating on too high (ideal for energy savings isn't it?), but will also be useful during the other seasons thanks to its density of 450gr/m² of alpaca fiber, which allows an insulation against the cold but also against the heat! To be clear, this comforter is comparable to a 4 seasons comforter, but with a higher quality.

Warm comforter 240x260 Quality
Alpaca wool

Our 240x260 warm comforters are of high quality. First of all, the inside is made of alpaca wool, also called the "wool of the gods", and the outside of Pima cotton, qualified as "the silk of South America" (100% in prestigious materials).

Alpaca wool is recognized as the most prestigious natural fiber in the world. Combined with the most prestigious cotton, it makes our comforter a luxury comforter. This wool has 7 times the insulating power of sheep (incredible, isn't it?) and a softness reminiscent of cashmere wool (but better). Pima cotton is the most comfortable cotton in the world, recognized as the most silky and resistant. It is a very fine cotton which distinguishes itself from the others by its length and its resistance. Our 240x260 warm comforter has a very long life, you can keep it for many years without its quality deteriorating.

Warm comforter 240x260 Advantages
Warm comforter

This 240x260 warm comforter, thanks to its extraordinary composition with its Pima cotton cover and its alpaca wool interior, is breathable and light. It will offer you an unequalled comfort for your nights and your sleep will be of better quality.

Moreover, it is hypoallergenic because the dust mites can hardly cling to the alpaca wool, so our comforters are an ideal solution if you have an allergy problem with other comforters that exist. It is also pleasant to the touch and does not irritate the skin. It draws moisture and lets your skin breathe, so you won't sweat as much.

At Bellepaga, we care about the environment, animals, our employees and your well-being. Choosing to buy your comforter from us means choosing an eco-responsible product that respects your skin, the craftsmen who made it and the alpacas from which the wool comes.

Where do the materials used come from?

The alpaca wool comes from alpacas living in Peru, in the Andes. They live in freedom, in their natural habitat and their shearing is done with respect for their well-being. The Pima cotton, a rare variety of cotton that represents only 3% of the world cotton production, also comes from Peru, and more precisely from the Andes, like the wool.

Indeed, at Bellepaga, all our materials come from the same South American country: Peru. All our products, including our quilts, are produced there by local craftsmen with exceptional know-how and respect for the environment and animals. Everything is done so that the ecological footprint of our products is as minimal as possible.

Pima cotton is harvested by hand by man, which avoids all the imperfections that can be obtained with a machine, and thus obtain a better quality of yarn. The alpaca wool comes from the annual shearing of adult alpacas, at the time of the year most conducive to their well-being. All this guarantees an extreme quality of our products, offering you all the comfort you need.

Warm comforter 240x260 Maintenance
Warm comforter

This warm 240x260 comforter (but never too warm thanks to its thermoregulation) is easy to maintain. It doesn't need to be shaken out because the alpaca wool inside the comforter is woven in its length, which prevents pilling.

For washing, one cleaning per year is enough for a perfect hygiene. You can wash it dry, so as not to damage the wool and to destroy any dust mites that may have managed to cling to it. This is the best possible care for this comforter. However, you can also wash it in a wool program at 40°. Finally, given the very large size of our comforters, it may be preferable to have it dry cleaned. The choice is yours!

Your comforter will also have a long life, because alpaca wool is 4 times more resistant than cashmere wool. You can keep it for many years.

Want a cocooning atmosphere?

A comforter to be warm at night is good, but a cocooning room is even better! If you don't know how to dress your room to give it a warmer look and to be warmer (without using too much heating of course), come and discover our collection of alpaca wool plaids! At Bellepaga, we are passionate about the hygge universe. What is it about? It's very simple. It is a term that refers to the feeling of well-being, of happiness brought by the immaterial. It's a special atmosphere, even better than cocooning. You don't need to buy a lot of decorative objects, you only need to find objects that are directly useful to your well-being. For this, our alpaca wool plaids are ideal. Not only will they give your room a hygge atmosphere, but on top of that, you will have an extra accessory to keep you warm!

Now that you know all the advantages you will have with an alpaca wool comforter, we invite you to discover our collection! The comforters are available in many different sizes, so they can be adapted to all bed sizes.

Don't hesitate any longer and try our exceptional comforters, for this winter but also for the summer!

Contact us for any additional information you may need, we will be happy to help you!

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