High socks woman wool

We know that women's high wool socks have become fashionable again in recent months. Women's high socks are perfect with shorts, skirts, sneakers or ankle boots.

How to choose good high socks


We offer here high socks for women in Alpaca wool.  
These socks bring you a unique feeling of comfort and softness. This is thanks to the Alpaca fiber which is extremely soft and therefore does not attack the skin unlike ordinary wools.
These, while being elegant, keep you at an ideal level of warmth. Indeed, the Alpaca wool has a power of thermoregulation which makes it possible to keep a smoothness at the level of the textile while bringing heat at the level of the feet and the legs. Thanks to the thermoregulation, your feet will stay dry, without sweating. These socks are therefore perfect for most seasons as they adapt to all temperatures.
high wool socks for women
In addition, the high socks from BellePaga are of very high quality. We work with Peruvian craftsmen, masters in this field, to make them. The socks are finished by hand for an even more perfect finish. They have no sewing, which guarantees an unparalleled comfort to our customers.  
Our socks will last for many years because the Alpaca fiber is very resistant, it does not pilling and wears very slowly compared to other wools. It is the perfect fiber for clothes that are subjected to hard use such as socks. You will enjoy your socks for a long time, wash after wash. Moreover, the maintenance of these is easy. Just put them in the washing machine at 30 degrees with the rest of your clothes. However, it is not recommended to put them in the dryer.  
Choose our BellePaga Alpaca wool high socks for women, they will allow you to be even more feminine and elegant.

The different styles

Women's high wool socks are a versatile garment that can transform an outfit. It's very fun and cute while being a practical way to keep warm or cover up. It may be a little intimidating to wear but we have some suggestions for you. Try a few of these ideas and see which styles work best for your personal taste.
Take a look at some of our style suggestions below.
You can go girly with a pair of light pink wool knee high socks for women and a midi skirt of your choice. A midi skirt hides where your sock line ends and can be a way to add more substantial style to your wardrobe. On top, try wearing a lace shirt for a very girly look or a short white tee for a more casual girly look. Tuck your shirt into your skirt for a high silhouette. This is a super sweet look that will make you feel cute!
If you're looking to stay cozy around the house or want to feel stylish but also super comfortable, try putting on a pair of light gray wool women's knee high socks with your shorts of choice. This is a fun way to dress up an outfit that is normally very simple. You can throw a cozy shirt over it and you'll have the perfect outfit for lounging. Women's high wool socks give you an extra dimension, so the outfit is very fashionable while still being very comfortable. Don't forget the undone bun!
If you want to dress up a little more chic, try a classic black wool women's knee high sock. Pair it with a skirt that has a side slit, it's a simple way to look neat and put together. Throw on a fitted top and some gold accessories to give you a chic look without compromising on comfort. Women's wool knee high socks will help you give your legs a smooth shape and clear lines.
Women's wool knee high socks make the experience much easier. Women's wool knee high socks keep your legs warm, which allows you to wear skirts. Put a pair of tights underneath for extra warmth. White wool women's knee high socks with a burgundy skirt and a cream colored sweater will be perfect for winter. Throw on a red lipstick to put some color on your face and feel good in the cold! You don't have to sacrifice warmth for style!

Alpaca wool 

Alpaca is the textile fiber given by the alpaca, this fiber comes from the wool and the fabric produced with the hair of this animal. Characteristics: Alpaca wool is actually a luxurious natural fiber, the products made with this wool are of a very high quality, the main characteristics of this one are softness, warmth, resistance, lightness but especially its insulating and thermal power. Alpaca is also a luxury fiber to knit, this wool is extremely soft for the knitting yarn. Unlike sheep's wool, which is generally made of lanolin, alpaca does not have any, which makes alpaca wool hypoallergenic, which is interesting for the most sensitive skins. What you need to understand: We often use the term of Baby Alpaca, in fact, it is not the baby of the alpaca as one could believe it, the Baby Alpaca it is in reality a designation used to classify the various fibers in terms of the micron (thickness of the fiber). This actually comes from the adult animal having a very fine fleece. The older the animal gets, the more its fleece will lose its fineness. This is why the fleece of young alpacas, called "baby alpaca", is softer. This wool is considered the top of the line yarn for knitting. There are 22 different color endings in alpacas. How is the wool produced? Every year, the alpaca is shorn. Often in the spring season, about 2.5 kg are harvested per animal. The hair is sorted, washed and then spun.
BellePaga is above all a brand that respects what nature offers. With us, you lean towards a more eco-responsible fashion but you also benefit from the products of the Alpaca wool. Our products are of unparalleled quality. That's why we work with qualified people to ensure this quality and to offer you the best service.
Alpaca wool, also called wool of the gods, has exceptional virtues and is still little known at present. However, this wool, which has many benefits, is very precious for people who are sensitive to cold.
Our brand achieves a perfect balance between comfort, warmth and elegance. A modern and trendy style that perfectly combines nature and the city.
Our brand, corresponds to a strong value and is closely linked to nature, fair trade and sustainable development. The alpaca, which is the cousin of the llama, lives on the highest plateau of the Andes, in South America, at an altitude of over 4000 meters. The wool it produces is the most delicate and silky wool in the world and has many positive points
Indeed, it is very comfortable because of its softness, its lightness and its incomparable warmth.
We advocate ethical and ecological production as well as the know-how of our producers, the respect of the animal and the fair payment of the craftsmen who work for our brand. Indeed, we have our socks and the rest of our products produced in specialized regions, by local producers who have a great traditional know-how and who respect their animals.
Indeed, the alpacas are raised in their natural habitat located in the Andes Mountains, at an altitude of over 4000 meters. Their fiber comes from spring shearing. We are ecologically committed, since alpacas have a very low impact on the ecology. In a world like today, we must be concerned about what we consume, it is more than necessary to find a healthy balance.
Today, thanks to BellePaga, the qualities of this magnificent natural fiber are revealed through their collections of elegant clothes and accessories that allow you to enjoy its different virtues through your clothes and accessories.
Finally, our brand offers you natural and elegant alpaca wool clothing and accessories for women, men, homes and decoration.
Discover without further delay our collection of high socks for women in alpaca wool, to try it is to adopt it!

Maintenance of alpaca wool socks

Our socks are designed to bring you comfort and softness. In addition, they are long-lasting and easy to care for.
Indeed, Alpaca wool has the property of being more resistant than sheep's wool. This property allows it to have a longer life, and therefore to keep this pair of socks for a longer time without fear of holes or other.
Alpaca wool does not pilling, so it is not necessary to wash the wool socks for women by hand. A machine wash at 30°C in wool program or in soft program with the rest of your clothes will be enough.
In addition, the dyes used on our socks are not chemical but come from the natural dyes of the Alpaca wool or mineral pigments. These pigments are more resistant than chemical dyes, in addition to being more environmentally friendly. Thus, these socks will allow you to have access to colors that last over time.