High Girls Socks


High socks for girls are always in demand. Worn with a skirt, a dress, shorts or any other outfit, they have the gift of bringing a certain style and dressing your legs with this extra detail. Give yourself the opportunity to combine elegance with comfort. High socks, often made from wool, cotton and synthetic fibres, have many disadvantages: increased perspiration, poor durability, risk of holes and loss of colour... This is why we offer you Alpaca wool, also called "Wool of the Gods" to bring all the thermoregulating, insulating, warm and quality properties to your feet.

At BellePaga, we offer you the services of Peruvian producers who have been working with Alpaca wool for centuries and centuries. This is why their unique and ancestral know-how will bring you comfort and softness. Thanks to their techniques, the socks will be able to carry you away on a small cloud of tenderness.
Our high socks for girls are made of Alpaca wool. An animal living at 4000m of altitude in the Andes Cordillera in South America. Known to have exceptional natural qualities, in the time of the Incas it was even more precious than gold. This is why we offer you its properties to meet all your needs.

Women's High Wool Socks

chaussette chaude laine épaisse détente cocooning

High socks for women and girls can be sold and found anywhere, at any price but for what purpose? Socks are first and foremost a part of your clothing that doesn't come off during the day. This is why it is essential to have them with you from morning to night, providing warmth, comfort and longevity.
There's no point in having 12 pairs of identical socks if you're going to throw them away when the day is over. Here, the miracle solution is Alpaca wool. This wool, which is much softer than sheep's wool, is also 4 times more resistant than sheep's wool. Especially since BellePaga socks are made from Baby Alpaca.

It should be noted that, the term ‘Baby Alpaca’ does not refer to the shearing of the baby Alpacas but are actually a part of the Alpaca's hair. Indeed, some parts of the Alpaca's hair have different properties. These properties can be translated by the size of the fibre, measured in microns. There are several categories and Baby Alpaca fibre is among those with the least microns.

Baby Alpaca
 is therefore one of the finest fibres, which gives it even more advantages. In particular a comfort and elegance that go hand in hand, a warmth and softness that comes down from the skies.
Especially since it is interesting to know that Alpaca wool is 7 times warmer than sheep's wool. That's why you won't need a second pair of socks on top of the high socks just so you don't have to be afraid of losing your toes.

But don't worry, if you plan to wear those high socks in the summer. Indeed, Alpaca wool is naturally thermo-regulating. To put it simply, Alpaca will accompany you during the coldest winters but will not keep you too warm on spring and autumn evenings when you are outdoors.
The high socks for girls will be sure to impress you with their quality. With a touch of a cotton flower and airy lightness, be sure to embark on a soft, warm and comforting journey.

High quality socks 

                                 tissage laine alpaga doux tradition savoir faire

An important goal for BellePaga is to be able to offer you a pair of quality socks. In addition to delighting you with their comfort and softness, BellePaga high socks for girls are designed to guarantee you a pair of socks that will last over time and won't make your feet sweat.

The fibre used in our socks is mainly Baby Alpaca, which is finer, more prestigious and more than classic Alpaca fibre or cotton wool blends.

This fiber represents only 10% of the production and is only taken during the first shearing of the Alpaca, young or adult.

Bamboo fibre is also used to produce our high socks. It brings all the more thermoregulation properties. This allows your feet to breathe throughout the day and you don't have to worry about keeping too much moisture inside your shoes, which could lead to other complications.

The quality of our products can also be felt by the fact that it is not a mass production but a responsible, ethical, social and local production.

We work with local producers, who know the places, the animals and the culture. It is thanks to their know-how that we can guarantee this quality and all the advantages of Alpaca fibre.

Our high socks for girls are produced respecting the values of the BellePaga brand, namely, a short circuit in Peru, respecting Peruvian traditions, the environment, the animals and the artisans who are paid at the fair value of their work.

That's why by choosing BellePaga girls' high socks, you are assured of a quality choice that will support you throughout the trials of your life.

chaussettes hautes filles laine chaude rouge alpaga

Women's High Socks

BellePaga offers you all the advantages of Alpaca wool through different designs to match all your outfits.
High socks in classic colours as well as more original colours. Plain high socks will add elegance combined with just the right amount of authenticity to your outfit. Nothing better to look chic with a little bit of fun and lightness.

Wear these designs without fear. The Alpaca is an animal that must adapt, in the wild, to different temperature changes throughout the day. This is why their fiber adapts with the needs of the animal and therefore offers us their quality and natural properties.

Alpaca wool is also known to be hypoallergenic. This is why it is suitable for all types of people, especially for more sensitive people.

Please also note that all our products are hand-made or finished, guaranteeing exceptional quality. This is reflected not only in the finish of the socks but also in their fit.

First of all, the socks have no visible seams that could itch over a long period of time and even cause skin irritation.

In addition, these high socks for girls will hold up well over time. This is possible thanks to the Peruvian know-how but also thanks to the choice of wool. Alpaca wool is known to be 4 times more resistant than sheep wool. In addition to this, it is one of the only wools that does not pill, thus ensuring beautiful socks for years to come.

This is why our socks will guide you throughout your days and will bring you all the benefits of Alpaca wool without worrying about the disadvantages.

Care of Alpaca wool socks 

Our high socks for girls are designed to provide comfort and softness. In addition to this, they are also long-lasting and easy to care for.

Indeed, as mentioned before, Alpaca wool has the property of being more resistant than sheep wool. This property allows it to have a longer life span, and therefore to be able to keep your product for a longer period of time without fear of holes or other defects that may appear later.

Alpaca wool does not pill, so it is not necessary to wash the high socks by hand. A machine wash at 30°C in the wool program or in the soft program with the rest of your clothes will be sufficient.

Be careful not to put your socks in the tumble dryer. Not recommended for Alpaca wool.

Moreover, the dyes used on our socks are not chemical but come from the natural dyes of Alpaca wool or mineral pigments.

These pigments are more resistant than chemical dyes and are more environmentally friendly. Thus, these socks will allow you to have access to colours that last over time.

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