Cold foot disease


When cold weather arrives, our body concentrates to provide maximum warmth to our vital organs. It will therefore contract the blood vessels in the extremities of the body to limit the blood supply to those parts considered non-vital. This process is called vasoconstriction. This is what will cause the persistent sensation of cold feet. Here you will discover Raynaud's disease, also known as cold feet disease. In this article you will also find tips on how to avoid cold feet during the day and at night.

Raynaud's disease or Cold feet disease 

If when you go out in the cold, even for a very short time, you feel a sudden and painful numbness in your extremities, a part of your skin turning blue, or tingling, it may mean that you have Raynaud's disease. 

This disease, called cold feet and cold hands, is a blood circulation disorder. What happens in people with the syndrome is that the vasoconstriction reaction is excessive. This means that people suffering from cold feet disease will not only have a narrowing of the arteries, but rather a sudden decrease in the calibre of the arteries; spasms. These spasms stop the blood circulation, causing loss of feeling.

An attack can last from a few minutes to a few hours. It will mainly affect the toes and fingers but in some cases it will also affect the nose, lips and earlobes.

This rather rare disease mainly affects women in cold countries.

There are two types of this disease. The first, the most common, presents with mild symptoms. It is called Raynaud's disease and in this case the cause of the cold feet disease is unexplained. The disease causes an unpleasant sensation, but no damage.

The second, rather rare form is more serious. In this case it is called Raynaud's syndrome. It is caused by diseases of the blood vessels such as scleroderma. This form of cold feet disease can cause damage to tissues and vessels.

The disease cannot be cured, but it will not get worse over time. The only way to regress the symptoms is to simply warm the extremities. Some medications can reduce the attacks. But in the vast majority of cases, the disease is not very troublesome and simple advice such as the following is sufficient.

Solution Feeling cold feet 

The very first solution to counter the feeling of having cold feet is to wear warm clothing.


Wearing a good pair of socks is very important to start with. That's why at bellepaga we have found THE solution to have warm socks for women and men !  We advise to choose them in wool and especially in alpaca wool. Alpaca wool has insulating properties and does not retain moisture. It is well known, a warm foot is a dry foot! Moreover, alpaca wool is 7 times warmer than sheep's wool.

 hats bellepaga

Wearing a hat is also a way to combat cold feet. It may seem surprising, even ridiculous, but covering your head helps keep your feet warm. Our body dissipates a lot of heat through the head.

To warm your feet, taking a bath or footbath at your body temperature also works very well.

Moreover, movement is a very good solution. It is advisable to reactivate your circulation by standing up, walking... It often happens that the feeling of having cold feet problems comes from poor circulation. Sitting with your legs crossed is therefore strongly discouraged as it impedes circulation.

The way we eat also has an impact on our ability to keep our extremities warm. As with everything else, the body functions better when it is fed in a healthy way. In addition, if the body is not sufficiently hydrated, it will more easily become cold.

Finally, it is advisable not to smoke. As you already know, smoking is harmful to the body. This is further confirmed in this situation because it has hypertensive properties.

Cold feet at night 

There are also little tips to avoid the feeling of frozen feet at night.

Duvets bellepaga

A good warm duvet is to be preferred to the accumulation of lower quality duvets and blankets. At Bellepaga you can find a very good quality duvet. 

Positioning your bed so that your feet are higher than your heart in the bed improves circulation and thus prevents the feeling of having cold feet due to illness. When legs and feet do not receive enough oxygen, they will swell. This is what causes the feeling of cold.

Taking a kettle from the bed is another alternative.

We also recommend putting on woollen socks to sleep if the feeling of cold really prevents you from sleeping. Wool keeps the warmth in and regulates the temperature so that you are neither too hot nor too cold. Again, we particularly recommend alpaca.

If you would like to know more about alpaca and its wool, we can recommend the following items: Alpaca, Alpaca vs cashmere.

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