What is the difference between alpaca and llama?

 Description of these Andean camelids


The llama and the alpaca are two animals that look alike, but have many differences. Belonging to the same camelid family as the vicuna and the guanaco, alpacas and llamas are still different on some points.
First of all, the llama is the tallest camelid as it is 1.7 m tall and surpasses, thus, the alpaca which measures between 81 and 99 cm. Due to its size and with its 70 kg, the alpaca is lighter than a llama which weighs between 130 and 200 kg. Due to their strong build, llamas are pack animals with the capacity to carry loads of about 40 kilos on their backs. Llamas have longer necks and higher, pointed ears. The alpaca's ears are more rounded and smaller. As you can see, the llama is the most imposing camelid of the family, but remains like the alpaca an animal domesticated by man. In fact, they are animals that are raised in a herd, while the vicuna and guanaco are wild camelids.

A different temperament


Although they both evolve within a herd on the plateaus of the Andes Cordillera (Bolivia, Peru, Argentina, Chile) the alpaca and the llama each have a very distinct character. With all that we hear about the llama and its spitting, it is a calm and gentle animal that can be caressed. It is docile, but can be aggressive and spit when it feels in danger. In its natural environment, within its herd, it is an intuitive and curious animal which also makes it independent. The alpaca is just as calm as the llama, but is more reserved by nature. Although it is a peaceful animal, it does not like solitude and thrives by staying close to its family. Indeed, it needs to be surrounded by his fellow creatures to evolve correctly. It is a shy animal in contact with humans, but is very nice and endearing, and has an extremely soft coat.

Alpaca and Llama, a coat like no other


The llama has a rather rough wool. It is an animal that has a long and woolly coat, which is, however, less bushy and less dense than the one of the alpaca. It has a resistant fiber that can vary from white to dark brown and is little used in the manufacture of clothing. Unlike the llama which is used as a beast of burden and for meat, the alpaca is mainly bred for the use of its fiber which has many virtues. Alpaca fiber is the finest and softest wool in the world. Its fineness and lightness make it a unique and rare material. In addition, despite its thin thickness, this fiber is very warm and heat-regulating which means that it adapts to any type of temperature and keeps warm throughout the seasons. The alpaca has 22 shades of hair colors ranging from white over black, to beige and dark brown. In addition, it is a material that is insulating and water resistant. At BellePaga, you will find many clothes for all 4 seasons made of alpaca wool. They will keep you warm and allow you to live a unique experience of softness and lightness.

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