Ideal brand for warm clothes

Ideal brand for warm clothes
warm clothes

Choosing the ideal brand for our winter clothes can sometimes be difficult.

We must already know what material we are looking for, because there are many for warm clothes. Between the polar fabric, the cashmere, the wool of sheep, the cotton... we are quickly overwhelmed by all the choices which are offered to us. Then, you have to compare the different brands that offer warm clothes in this material, compare the quality, the prices, the values of the brand...Again, this can take time and often, we end up choosing a brand at random.

Well, don't bother anymore! We have the perfect brand for warm clothes: BellePaga!

What is Bellepaga?
warm clothes

Bellepaga is the story of two friends, a young man who grew up in Belgium and another who grew up in Bolivia. The first one knows the complaints there can be because of the cold, especially in Belgium, and the second one grew up surrounded by animals like alpacas whose wool he could discover. They met during their studies and one day they decided to create their own brand of alpaca wool clothing to meet the demand for warm clothes to fight against the cold.

Bellepaga was born, an ecological brand that sells clothes, accessories, objects, made from alpaca wool: an ideal brand for warm clothes.

The clothes are both comfortable and elegant but above all they are natural! No chemical products are used, neither for the treatment of the wool, nor for its coloring.

Everything is done with respect for the environment, for the animals, but also for the local artisans in Peru, who make the finishing touches to the clothes.

The alpaca is an ecological animal, which produces few greenhouse gases, the shearing of its wool is done at the most favourable time for its well-being, in spring, and the traditional know-how of the craftsmen is justly paid.

Everything is done to correspond to the values of the creators of the brand.

The history of alpacas

The alpaca is an animal living in Peru. It is often confused with its cousin, the llama, because of their similarities. These two animals have been used a lot during the history for their meat, their wool, but also as object for religious sacrifices.

As time went by, their usefulness diverged: men chose llamas to carry heavy loads and alpacas were chosen for the quality and properties of their wool.

After the Spanish colonization in the 16th century, the alpacas were left aside in favor of new breeding animals such as cows and horses. They were then exiled to the high plateaus of the Andes, where the land is not cultivable and more arid. Their population then considerably decreased, but did not disappear, thanks to their wool in particular, which allowed them to survive whether it was extremely hot or extremely cold.

In the 19th century, the alpaca came out of the shadows. Its wool and its incredible properties became known beyond Peru and became a material much sought after by the wealthy. Synonymous with high quality, alpaca wool became a fast growing market at that time, so much so that the Peruvians decided to revive alpaca breeding, but not for subsistence needs: to meet the demand for alpaca wool.

The qualities of alpaca wool
alpaca wool

Alpaca wool, nicknamed the "wool of the gods", has several interesting virtues for the creation of clothing and accessories.

First of all, it is a thermoregulating wool, which means that it can adapt to your body temperature, whether it is hot or cold, thus reducing perspiration. It is very useful for example for the manufacture of socks, for those who have problems of perspiration on the feet.

Moreover, it is a very soft and comfortable wool, ideal for contact with the skin, because it is hypoallergenic: it does not contain lanolin.

It is also a very warm wool, 7 times warmer than sheep wool, and very resistant. Alpaca wool garments are therefore generally long-lasting, if washed under the right conditions, and are perfect for creating warm clothes for the winter.

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