Summer is here! Let's have fun and let's celebrate outfits with fresh and tangy colours! Find just below our advice to combine colours without any taste mistakes!

1) The rule of 3

This is THE golden rule to respect for your outfits, whatever the circumstances: don't accumulate more than 3 colours for your outfit. Indeed, you risk to make "clown" by displaying too much information and destroy the harmony of your silhouette. Please note that on these 3 colors, you must associate 2 simple/neutral colors and one dominant/strong color.

2) The right colour in the right place.

Associating the right colours with the right pieces is not necessarily easy. To dress your pretty gambettes, choose dark and sombre colours such as navy blue, grey or black trousers, skirts and shorts. These colours have the virtue of lengthening and refining the silhouette. Finally, to lighten your complexion, opt for little tops and blouses in light, pastel colours.

3) Perfect Combo

You don't change a winning team! There are colour combinations that work every time. So take out your notebook and make a note:
- Pastel combo: light pink, blue, lilac, water green and gray.
- Violet + turquoise/duck blue/water green
- Dark blue + warm colours like red, orange and yellow.
- Orange + brown/dark green.

4) It's light

Neutral colours known as "achromatic" are a safe haven. There are light, pastel colours such as water green, lilac, nude or light yellow. Very little saturated, you can associate these colours without problems, they will bring delicacy, lightness and femininity to your outfits.

5) Complementary colors

In order to wear colourful outfits without making fashion faux pas, associate pieces with complementary colours. To do so, consult the colour circle on the web, organized with the 3 primary colours (blue, yellow, red) as well as their derivatives: the secondary and tertiary colours. In order to correctly associate the shades, take two colours that face each other, such as cyan and orange. Finally, dress the part of your body that you want to highlight with the lightest colour and opt for the darker colour for the part you want to hide.

6) The monochrome 

In order to refine your silhouette, choose outfits that mix similar shades such as: beige + taupe + ecru white. The objective here is to obtain a pretty, delicate and coherent gradient to lengthen your look.