Thermal socks


Thermal socks: what are they really about?

They are socks that keep your feet warm, and keep them warm for long hours when it's very cold. They provide optimal comfort. You can wear them as simple socks or underneath your big socks for skiing or hiking, for example. These socks keep you warm without causing sweating, so they're very practical!

We call this feature: thermoregulation.

At BellePaga our thermal socks don't make you sweat, they let your feet breathe while being comfortable and soft to the touch and keeping your feet at the right temperature.

The best material for this property is Alpaca wool! Curious to know more about thermal socks? We tell you everything below!



If you want to buy thermal socks, it is imperative to choose THE right material.

BellePaga offers you pairs of thermoregulating socks, our thermalsocks can be worn every day and also when you want to go hiking or do some physical activity, as they have this thermal power that lets your skin breathe.

Cotton: Cotton brings comfort to the skin. It is a hygienic material, i.e. cotton is capable of absorbing 10% of its weight in water, without giving the feeling of being wet. It has, therefore, an excellent absorbency, as well as a retention capacity concerning the components of sweat. In addition, cotton is foreign to allergies. However, it tears very quickly.

Lycra: During an effort, they allow great freedom of movement and ease of movement. This material has a very long lifespan. It can never be used alone but can be mixed with all fabrics, both natural and synthetic fibres. Lycra brings elasticity which allows to follow the movements of the body and keeps the initial shape of the garment. However, this material causes environmental problems and is dangerous for people with allergies!

Modal: Modal is a material extracted from wood cellulose. It is soft, supple, silky and provides a high level of comfort. It has the particularity of remaining soft and supple even after several washes. Modal is highly absorbent and breathable. However, it is not the ideal material for socks.

Alpaca: Alpaca fibre is a soft and fluffy material, ideal for socks. In addition it is eco-responsible. Alpaca socks let your feet breathe and greatly reduce perspiration and odours. In fact, it is a thermo-regulating fibre that adapts to temperature changes. No more humidity and perspiration! Your feet will be in ideal comfort all day long!

Why do our feet sweat?

You have certainly already experienced the sensation of wet feet and a rather disturbing smell. Yes, it is our dear little feet that take us everywhere that suffer the most, in fact, we stress them every day with the many rubs we make with our shoes, following long days or during physical activities, etc. In fact, there is an explanation for the perspiration of the feet. It is linked to the action of the sweat glands located under the feet. It is normal for human beings to sweat, but some people are more affected by it.

However, sweating is an essential phenomenon for the proper functioning of our body. In fact, sweating allows us to regulate our body temperature at 37 degrees. And following perspiration, this is where odours appear. Many people think that the odours that appear are due to perspiration, but in reality odours do not appear from perspiration itself, they are often due to bacteria present on the surface of the skin. These bacteria consume the sweat and produce chemicals that are in effect the result of the bad odours you can smell when you sweat. There are a number of factors that can cause excessive sweating of the feet, such as stress or anxiety, being overweight, a hormonal problem or simply a hereditary problem. But it is often also due to physical exertion, closed shoes or the use of synthetic socks. That is why we advise you to choose socks with natural and not synthetic properties. Synthetic materials can be linked to perspiration problems.

With BellePaga, choose thermalsocks made from natural alpaca fibres to combat perspiration and keep your feet warm, in comfort and with the discovery of this exceptional fibre. 


Regarding the care of thermal Alpaca wool socks, you can wash them by hand or machine with a wool programme or at 30 degrees maximum with the rest of your clothes. Moreover, Alpaca hardly plocks compared to other materials.

The tumble dryer produces hot air, in large quantities and over a long period of time, and then becomes hot. So if you put your socks in it, they will be confined in a small space and the tiny fibres will tear off. Therefore, the dryer is a real instrument of torture for socks, which will considerably reduce their lifespan. So don't do this to them! Put them out to dry in the open air. Ideally, dry them on a clothesline.

Thermal socks are worn next to the skin, so they cannot be washed with bleach or stain removers. Therefore, detergents for delicate laundry and wool are sufficient to care for your thermal socks. In addition, choose enzyme-free formulas because they destroy all the fibres in the socks.

Sharp or pointed objects can damage the fabric of your socks irreparably and thus prematurely end the comfort they provide. To preserve them, when washing in the washing machine, make sure to close all the zippers on all your clothes. Indeed, they could damage the fabric when you spin dry.

Don't forget: socks are never washed alone, but most often in groups of two! Otherwise, they become useless... Therefore, it is recommended to always wash them together and never separate them!



Indeed, quality thermal socks cost a little more than just socks! But isn't it better to invest a little more and have quality socks, than to invest less but have to buy them all the time and not have optimal comfort?

At BellePaga, we all offer thermo-regulating socks at different prices!
We offer socks at 19, 23 and 28€. This is of course reasonable for such high quality socks. Our socks are mainly made of Alpaca fiber, which brings an optimal softness!
We also offer different sizes such as: classic, mid-calf and high socks! So you can choose according to what you want!

We also offer a range of socks made from silky Pima cotton, which is considered the best cotton in the world and is just as hypoallergenic as alpaca wool. This cotton keeps the air warm on your body while absorbing excessive moisture.

A little tip to stop your feet from sweating

1. Choose good shoes
The choice of shoes is actually very important. If you tend to sweat, you should definitely choose the right pair of shoes. Choose shoes that don't enclose your foot, you need to let your foot breathe and for that you need good quality shoes. Favour aeration through the canvas or leather.

2. Try alum stone
Alum stone can be a good compromise if you are unable to solve this problem. It is very effective against perspiration, in fact it is a foot antiperspirant. It is easy to use and is very effective in reducing bad odours.

3. Natural fibre socks
Prefer natural socks, you have to banish certain materials, which you are used to and accommodate with other materials and no longer consume synthetic products. If you want thermal socks made of breathable Baby Alpaca and Bamboo fibre. These two excellent fibres are natural and ecological.

Choose the right material for your thermal socks! So choose Alpaca fiber! Our BellePaga socks will bring you the softness and warmth you desire! All this while keeping your feet dry and without making you sweat!

Try our Alpaca wool thermal socks for women and men !

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