Alpaca Hat

Alpaca Wool

An alpaca hat for women: the best for winter! Our hats are very warm, soft, stylish
and really comfortable to wear.
BellePaga offers you a collection of woolen ladies' hats to protect you from the cold
while keeping all your elegance. Essential pieces for your winter dressing room.
BellePaga women's alpaca wool hats are of very high quality and very comfortable to
wear. They are mainly made of Baby Alpaca (the finest fibre made from the shearing
of adult animals). This natural fibre is softer and does not itch. This wool is ideal for a
hat and the comfort of the wearer.

Our wool is of very high quality. We carefully select the wool among farms in
Bolivia and Peru that evolve in their natural environment at an altitude of more than
4000m on the altiplano of the Andes Cordillera.

This fibre is reputed to be one of the most luxurious of all-natural fibres. It combines
thermal properties (7 times warmer than sheep's wool and very thermoregulatory),
while letting the body breathe, which is very important when we know that 25% of
body heat is lost by the head when it is cold.

The baby alpaca wool used for our hats is also very resistant (4 times more than
sheep's wool) and is the only wool that does not pill. It is therefore a very resistant
and durable fibre that makes it a thoughtful and responsible purchase for the items
made from it, such as our hats, for example.

Wool Hat

The wool hat has become the winter accessory you can't do
without! It is perfect for strolling around the city in a modern and trendy style, for a
refreshing and relaxing stroll in the heart of nature, or to go down the ski slopes
focusing only on the pleasures provided. Our woolen caps are essential fashion
accessories for everyday use to protect your head from the cold. They are available
in different styles of knitwear with a refined style and in different colours.
You will have a wide choice, with different types of design. Match the accessory to
the matching gloves and scarves. The contemporary and elegant looks of our hats
will please all girls, young or old, urban or not. The styles of our hats are very trendy
and will be your seduction assets for the months when it is colder! Due to their
elasticity, they adapt easily to all faces.
Soft, warm and trendy, the BellePaga alpaca wool hat will therefore be your best ally
to accompany you in winter!

Each woolen cap is also entirely handmade by craftsmen who have been skilled for
many generations. This is part of an ethical, social, sustainable and solidarity-based
economic approach. Your purchase will contribute to this and allow you to enjoy the
exceptional properties of Alpaca wool.

Light, soft, warm and elegant, the various woolen caps in our collection will provide
you with an exceptional comfort experience, and will be your best companions to
accompany you during winter and mid-season.
These alpaca wool caps are very pleasant to the touch and so pleasant to wear that
we have designed them in both men's and women's versions so that everyone can
enjoy a warm season.

The Alpaca fiber for our women's hats is subdivided into 2 main categories: Alpaca
fiber and Baby Alpaca fiber. Baby Alpaca wool is finer and does not come from
young alpacas, but from the first shearing of the adult animal that has a fine coat, or
from the finest fibres of other adult animals. Baby Alpaca wool is an extremely soft,
silky, and shiny fibre like silk. It is so comfortable that it can be worn directly on the
skin, which is not insignificant when wearing an alpaca hat. It is therefore perfectly
suited for the comfort and warmth of women's woolen hats. This wool is considered
to be the softest and most prestigious natural fibre in the world. It is rare and
represents less than 10% of the total world production of Alpaca fibres. Baby Alpaca
is therefore an ideal luxury fiber for the cups, which we have selected for you in most
of the items in our shop for you to enjoy.

Alpaca wool stands out clearly by its insulating power which is 7 times higher than
that of sheep's wool, and its unequalled softness which is close to that of cashmere
wool. Our woolen caps therefore protect you much better from the cold, gently,
without ever making you sweat thanks to their thermoregulatory properties. Alpaca
must adapt to temperature variations that can range from -25 to 30 degrees during
the same day. For this purpose, he has developed a fleece composed of very fine
and silky fibres that are particularly thermoregulatory. In addition, its high thermal
insulating power allows you to wear light and comfortable cups while protecting you
perfectly from the cold.

Our alpaca wool hats are also incredibly light, comfortable to wear and respect the
most sensitive skin thanks to the hypoallergenic properties of alpaca fibre. These are
the reasons why NASA equipped its astronauts with clothing in this wool at the

beginning of the space conquest. It is an ideal wool to wear in winter, in the half
season, or to go hiking, winter sports,.....
Alpaca is a very elastic fibre that allows our clothes and accessories to be particularly
comfortable by perfectly conforming to the shape of your body. Our alpaca hats will
therefore fit perfectly with each of your heads.
Finally, our cups are very resistant and their composition ensures that they do not
pill. This allows you to extend the life of your woolen hat. It will remain beautiful for
a very long time and therefore enjoy it for a long time. Try it and you won't be able to
do without it!

Discover all our alpaca hats for women and men. As well as the rest of our collection
of clothing and accessories for women and men.