alpaca blanket

Alpaca comforter
alpaca blanket

If you are looking for the perfect comforter, for summer or winter, you are at the right place! At BellePaga we offer comforters made of alpaca wool and pima cotton, two materials with extraordinary properties that allow us to create high quality comforters! Our high quality comforters are perfect for all seasons and are available in many different sizes.

The alpaca wool that composes our alpaca blankets is an ideal wool for bedding because it allows our comforters to be light while keeping you warm and also has significant virtues for the manufacture of comforters. Thanks to our comforters, you will spend comfortable nights, warm in your soft alpaca blanket.

Wondering how this comforter can be perfect for all seasons? It's very simple! Alpaca wool has thermoregulatory properties that allow it to adapt to your body temperature but also to the temperature of the room in which you sleep. Thus, you will never be too hot in summer or too cold in winter because our alpaca blanket will offer you the right temperature all year long.

You won't need to put on thick pajamas in winter or leave the window open in summer, our comforter will offer you all the comfort you need.

Alpaca wool in more detail
alpaca wool

The interior of our alpaca blankets is made of alpaca wool, woven in its length to avoid the formation of wool balls. This alpaca wool, nicknamed the "wool of the gods" has exceptional qualities.

First of all, alpaca wool is 7 times warmer than sheep's wool. Our alpaca blankets are therefore ideal if you want a warm comforter for the winter, especially since, with its thermoregulatory properties, you will not sweat despite the heat provided! The warmth of the comforter will welcome you as soon as you slip under it to go to sleep.

Moreover, alpaca wool is hypoallergenic, it does not contain lanolin, the allergenic substance that you can find in most wools. So if you have a wool allergy that prevents you from buying a comforter in this material, our alpaca blankets are the perfect solution!

Thanks to the alpaca wool that makes up the filling of our alpaca blankets, our comforters are also highly breathable. This means that they wick away moisture and do not create stifling heat. This helps prevent dust mites, which thrive in humid, warm places like most other comforters.

Finally, alpaca wool is a very insulating and above all very resistant wool. Our alpaca blankets, very comfortable, have thanks to this wool a very long life, which is an excellent investment.

Pima cotton
Pima cotton

Our alpaca blankets are made from Pima cotton. This is the most prestigious and comfortable cotton in the world, nicknamed the "silk of South America".

It is a very rare cotton, which represents only 3% of the world's cotton production, and which has been cultivated for the most part in the Andes of South America for over 5000 years.
This cotton was once used to make clothing and fishing nets, which were then traded to fishermen for fish.

It was later popularized and is now used to make other clothing and objects such as our alpaca quilts for example.

Pima cotton is distinguished from other cottons by its fineness and its silky and resistant fibers. It is one of the finest cottons in the world. Thanks to it, our comforters are very soft and supple, offering you an unequalled comfort and they also have a very long life, you will be able to keep your alpaca wool and Pima cotton blanket during many years.

Like alpaca wool, Pima cotton retains heat against your body and also regulates the heat it retains. It allows you to have a warm comforter, but not too warm, that will serve you all year long. Combined with alpaca wool, you have a perfect comforter.

A 100% natural alpaca blanket

The combination of alpaca wool and Pima cotton has allowed us to make a 100% ecological comforter.

Indeed, the Pima cotton is a natural and ecological material. It is a vegetable fiber that does not support any chemical treatment and no fertilizer because its flower cannot survive pesticides. It is therefore necessarily harvested naturally, which makes it a very healthy and organic material. In addition, Pima cotton leaves no ecological footprint, unlike other materials.

For alpaca wool, the fact that it is an animal fiber makes it a natural material. But in addition to that, it is an ecological fiber. No chemicals are used for this wool either and there is naturally white alpaca wool so no bleaching treatment is needed.

In addition, alpacas are animals with a very small ecological footprint and they do not destroy the plants they eat, unlike goats. This may seem insignificant but it is actually very important. Since they don't pull up the roots of the grass they eat, that same grass can grow back later and be used to feed them again.

If you are looking for an eco-friendly alpaca blanket, made from rare and noble natural and animal materials, then our alpaca blankets, with a 100% alpaca wool interior and 100% Pima Cotton exterior, are the perfect quilts for you.

Why buy my alpaca blanket from BellePaga?
alpaca wool

Not only are our comforters eco-friendly and natural, but they are also environmentally friendly, respectful of the animals whose wool we use and the Peruvian artisans we use to make our products.

We are concerned about the environment and this translates into the non-use of chemicals and the breeding of ecological animals.

We are respectful of the alpacas that we raise. Everything is done with the well-being of the animals. The wool we harvest comes from the annual shearing of the adult alpacas, at the time when this shearing is most convenient for them, that is to say in spring, before it gets too hot.

In addition, we make sure that the alpacas are healthy and that they live in their natural environment, in large spaces. They live in freedom, without enclosures and without stress.

Finally, we respect the Peruvian craftsmen with whom we work. We make it a point of honor to pay their traditional know-how, which is passed on from generation to generation. We also work closely with the workshops in Peru, to ensure that the artisans work in good conditions.

Choosing BellePaga is choosing a respectful brand with many values.

Maintenance of my alpaca duvet
alpaca blanket

The weaving of the alpaca wool in its length inside the comforter means that you don't need to shake your comforter as often as a traditional comforter, especially since Pima cotton and alpaca wool are very soft, supple and light fibers, so they blend in very easily inside the comforter.

Moreover, our alpaca blankets are biodegradable and self-cleaning because they are 100% natural. They require very little maintenance and are very resistant thanks to the alpaca wool. They will therefore last very well over time.

To wash them, different options are available to you. It is recommended to wash them dry, with a shampoo for delicate wool, but you can also wash them in the machine, at 40° if your washing machine is big enough. In case of lack of space and to make it easier for you, you can also take your comforter to the dry cleaner, it will be even safer if you are not sure how to wash your comforter.

For drying, it is recommended to dry your alpaca blanket in the open air to aerate it, especially since a wool comforter dries faster than a cotton comforter, so it would be a shame not to take advantage of it.

Alpaca blanket price
alpaca blanket

Alpaca wool and Pima cotton are prestigious and rare materials, so they inevitably come with a certain cost.

For our alpaca blankets, it is necessary to count between 400 euros and 650 euros, depending on the size you want (these prices are approximate).

The price may scare you at first, but you have to remember that our comforters are an excellent investment, because of their quality and their long life.

So consider all the benefits of an alpaca blanket before you give up.

Now that you know all the benefits of an alpaca wool and Pima cotton blanket, what are you waiting for to try one?

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