Sale of alpaca wool

Have you ever heard of it? The warmest wool in the world? It is not a legend! Alpaca wool, also known as the wool of the gods, is indeed the warmest and most comfortable wool you can find. At BellePaga the alpaca wool sale will satisfy you by offering you a unique comfort experience. This Belgian brand, offers to sell this wool in all its forms: socks, scarf, hat, sweater, plaid and many other clothes or accessories! Don't hesitate any longer and test it!

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Alpaca wool animal

The sale of alpaca wool, as its name indicates, comes from the alpaca animal. This animal of the camelid family is mainly present in South America and particularly in Peru! It is now present in several other regions of the world like in Europe and in particular in France where it is raised for its fleece or as a pet. It is an animal which lives in herd and which descends directly from the Lama, animal more robust and larger than him. It is also an animal respectful of its environment. Unlike goats (which produce wool for cashmere) that tear up vegetation to feed themselves and create damage to the land and vegetation. They do not pollute or damage the place where they live. Alpacas are shy, gentle animals and much more intelligent and curious than llamas.

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Wool alpaca properties

The sale of alpaca wool is a sale in full extension and it owes it to its unequalled virtues! It is distinguished by its insulating power which is indeed 7 times higher than that of the wool of the sheep. Moreover, the sale of alpaca wool is growing exponentially due to its thermoregulatory powers. What could be better than a material that allows you to be neither too cold nor too hot? Alpaca wool is suitable for the coldest of us but it is also suitable for people who sweat their feet for example. With it, you will always be at the right temperature! Small point culture: it is thanks to its properties ci that the wool of alpaca was that to carry by the astronauts of NASA for the space conquest. Its lightness and softness also places it at the top of the wool rankings! Moreover, when you buy alpaca wool it is for life! You can wear it on any occasion: while hiking, at home on the couch or in winter sports, it will always be your best ally! Its quality will not change a bit! Its high resistance and the fact that it does not pilling make it a more than profitable investment! The alpaca wool sale is therefore a useful sale to protect you effectively from the cold, from odor worries and from pilling.

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Alpaca wool price per kilo

The price of alpaca wool per kilo depends on several factors. Alpaca wool sale is known to offer 3 types of wool: alpaca wool, royal alpaca wool and baby alpaca wool. What differentiates them is their diameter and the price that follows. The diameter of the Alpaca fiber is 23.1 - 26.5 microns, the "Baby Alpaca" is about 14 - 23 microns while the "Royal Alpaca" is the result of the selection of the best and finest baby Alpaca fibers whose diameter can go down to 12 microns.
The quality of the fiber will also change the price of the alpaca wool. For a high quality wool you will find prices between 40 euros and 100 euros per kilo, medium quality fibers between 20 and 35 euros per kilo and finally low quality fibers between 10 and 15 euros per kilo. The different properties of this wool also explain its selling price.

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Ecological wool

The alpaca wool sale is also known for its eco-friendly nature. It is an undyed wool that does not require any chemical material to grow or petroleum to be made. For its distribution channel, BellePaga's alpaca wool products are made directly in Peru. These local producers have a traditional know-how and are very important for BellePaga, as well as the fair remuneration of the craftsmen.

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Alpaca farms

As said before, alpacas are animals that can live in the wild. But sometimes they are domesticated in alpaca farms. The sale of alpaca wool is then strongly exercised in this environment. The breeders shear their animals once a year and can harvest up to 3kg per alpaca (growing a little more than a centimeter per month). These alpaca farms are places that recreate the natural environment of the alpacas, allowing them to experience their usual life cycle in the greatest possible comfort. They are born, develop and reproduce. Beyond being a point of sale for alpaca wool, it is simply possible to visit these particular farms. This is an activity to be done with the family or simply to recharge your batteries, and is much appreciated by those who have already done it. Alpaca farms must have a large surface area with all types of vegetation to allow the alpacas to live all year round in the open air and eat as if they were in the wild. BellePaga has a partnership with alpaca farms, this brand strives to find the balance between warmth and elegance. You will find on our website a section visiting alpacas. This section lists the farms near you and around the world, with information on the different possibilities at the farm: farm visits, walks, accommodation or event celebrations.

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Ball of alpaca wool

The sale of alpaca wool can be done in several forms. Indeed, sellers of this wool have made socks, hats, gloves, sweaters, headbands ... It is sold in all its forms. But the essence of this wool of the gods remains the ball of wool! Where the trend is to make things yourself, to "home made" we must not neglect the satisfaction that our own creations can give us! Alpaca wool is perfect for knitting! It is fluid, light and pleasant to touch. For knitting fans, you will love it. The sale of alpaca wool is done naturally in balls, at about 10 euros per 50g at BellePaga.

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Maintenance of alpaca wool 

Once the alpaca wool sale of your favorite article has been made, you can wear the garment for a long time but what should not be neglected is the maintenance of this alpaca wool. It is essential to follow our maintenance tips to avoid damaging this wool because although it is resistant, wool is a fragile material that must be taken care of. First of all, alpaca wool should not be put in the washing machine. Although BellePaga socks can be washed at 30 degrees, this is not the case for other garments. We recommend that you hand wash your alpaca wool garments in warm water with a mild shampoo or other wool care product or you can also opt for dry cleaning. You should also treat your clothes gently. For example, it is advisable to wear gloves to avoid damaging the garment with your nails. You should also not wring out and twist your clothes after washing. You can press lightly on the garment to remove excess water. Also, to care for your clothes do not use a dryer! You must dry it naturally. To increase the efficiency you can also place your laundry on a towel, to absorb the excess water. This technique will avoid stretching the fibers. Secondly, do not iron your alpaca wool clothes. Alpaca wool is known not to wrinkle, however if the garment does wrinkle, place the cloth between the iron (set at low temperature) and the garment. Thus, your long-term investment will be effective only when you take care of it.

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To conclude, you can find this wool of the gods on different points of sale. Some stores are specialized in the making of this wool like our brand BellePaga. There are some alpaca farms that offer the possibility to buy alpaca wool products. For example, many of our partner breeders resell BellePaga products or products of other brands from around the world. Moreover, the sale of alpaca wool is more and more known for the virtues of this wool of the gods. Namely: warmth, hypoallergenic, softness, thermoregulation and lightness. 

To test the wool of the gods and its benefits do not hesitate to stroll on our website to discover our collections for men, women and home&decoration.