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The cashmere scarves woman, the solution to fight against the cold?
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How to be warm when it is getting colder and colder, that is the big question of the moment. We do not even dare to put a foot outside for fear of being welcomed by a freezing cold. But then how to do it? Well, we have to find out how to cover ourselves with the right material to go out, so that the cold doesn't reach us (or at least not much). Some people will opt for the solution of putting on several layers of clothes, thick sweaters...

But did you know that our body cools down first by the extremities? Indeed, hands, feet, head, are the places of the body which let enter the cold, and especially these are the parts of the body which are often the coldest in people. To remedy this, it is necessary to cover these extremities well, with gloves, hats, good socks and another accessory that some people do not think of: a scarf.

At BellePaga, we have the perfect solution for you!

The trend of cashmere scarves for women
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Cashmere scarves for women are very fashionable accessories. Cashmere is known for its softness and warmth, so women's cashmere scarves are often a staple in women's winter wardrobes. They come in all colors, so you can easily match them with your outfit.

The cashmere thread is very thin so we can have a cashmere scarf woman that is warm without being very thick and bulky. You must however be ready to put a certain price ladies if you wish a cashmere scarf woman, because it is a rare material as well as noble and thus expensive.

The cashmere
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Cashmere is an animal fiber that comes from the wool of the Kashmir goat. This material takes its name from the ancient province of Kashmir located between Pakistan, India and China. The birth of the cashmere industry in this region dates back to the 15th century officially, although there are older references.

The cashmere industry reached Europe in the 19th century and then developed in Scotland from 1830 onwards from French crafts. Today, the main production centers are in China and Mongolia, which produce three quarters of the wool manufactured in the world. In fact, 75% to 80% of the world's cashmere production comes from Asia.

Cashmere from these countries is of better quality than that produced in Europe, for example, because in China and Mongolia, the goats raised for their wool live in an ideal climatic environment, which corresponds to that of their country of origin.

The world production of cashmere is 20,000 tons per year and is used in particular to make cashmere scarves for women.

How is cashmere obtained ?
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The Cashmere goat has a fine and flexible down which comes to double its summer coat when the temperatures become freezing in winter, between -30° and -40°, in order to protect it. The raw material of cashmere is obtained from this dark grey down.

This down is harvested by shearing the goat. This is done with shears or simply with a brush, during the spring moult, because the down naturally leaves at this time, in order to leave the goats cooler when the temperatures rise.

The harvested down is then washed to remove impurities from the wool and undergoes an operation called dehairing. Dehairing is the process of separating the "hard" hairs called the "jarre" from the softer down hairs, in order to obtain the finest fiber possible. After this operation, the weight of the harvested wool is reduced by about 80% and the selected fibers are then spun, woven and dyed.

Cashmere can be dyed in different ways. The first possible process, and the one which allows to obtain the best quality of cashmere, is the dyeing of the raw material as soon as it has been recovered from the animal. The second process is the dyeing of the yarn obtained after weaving the down. And finally, the cashmere sweater can also be dyed once it is made. The final cashmere quality is different depending on the process used.

A woman's cashmere scarf for example will not have the same texture depending on the method that has been used for its dyeing.

Alpaca scarf woman VS cashmere scarf woman
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The great trend is for a long time the cashmere scarves woman. Indeed, the various properties of cashmere, especially its incredible softness.

Cashmere is an isothermal material, which means that it can maintain a constant temperature. It is therefore widely used for warm clothing, such as cashmere scarves for women.
Moreover, cashmere is very insulating, thanks to its hygroscopic properties: wool absorbs humidity from the air. It is therefore a wool warmer than others, in addition to being lighter.
This wool is a rare and therefore expensive wool, so it is important to check its quality before buying cashmere clothes, such as cashmere scarves for women, to be sure that the cashmere used is genuine.

Cashmere is very popular and known to everyone. However, there is another wool, less known than cashmere, which has qualities just as exceptional if not more than cashmere: alpaca wool.
Alpaca wool comes from the animal bearing this name. It is a wool called the "wool of the gods", which comes mostly from Peru, where most of the alpaca farms are located. This wool is often compared to cashmere because of its extreme softness. Alpaca wool is thermoregulatory: it adapts to the body temperature, whether it is hot or cold.

Do you have allergy problems with wool? Don't worry anymore! Alpaca wool is hypoallergenic and antibacterial. It does not contain lanolin, the allergenic substance found in most wools that causes allergic reactions. With alpaca wool, you can wear warm wool clothing without any problems!

Although cashmere is known as an ideal wool for soft and warm clothes, such as sweaters, scarves, socks, you should know that this material is not very resistant. Indeed, if you look closer at the composition of your cashmere socks for example, you can see that the percentage of this material in the garment is actually very low. To be sure that the sock, which is a garment very subject to friction, does not get damaged too quickly, it does not tear, manufacturers are obliged to put only a small amount because of the poor resistance of the cashmere yarn.

Alpaca wool on the other hand is a very resistant fiber, 4 times as strong as sheep's wool (in addition to being 7 times warmer than sheep's wool). It is therefore possible to use more of it in clothing, such as socks, but also in skins.

What is Bellepaga?
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Bellepaga are two friends, a Belgian and a Bolivian, who decided to create a clothing brand based on alpaca wool. The main product of the brand is the socks. There are high socks, classic, bright or neutral colors, original or soft patterns... But there are also other clothes and accessories. Among these clothes, you can find scarves! So of course they are not cashmere scarves for women, but it's even better! They are alpaca wool scarves for women!

Our scarves have a softness comparable to cashmere ones. They are very resistant and almost do not pilling. They are also very warm, much warmer than cashmere scarves. They are made of 100% Baby alpaca. Attention, this has nothing to do with baby alpacas. It is in fact the most adult alpacas, which have the softest wool. It is the wool obtained from their shearing that is used for our slings with unequalled comfort.

Why choose Bellepaga and alpaca?

At Bellepaga, we defend values that are important to us. We are concerned about the environment, which is why our wool comes from an ecological animal, the alpaca, which produces little greenhouse gas and does not tear up the roots of the plants it consumes, unlike cashmere goats. This means that its food can grow again and that farmers do not have to destroy several hectares of land to feed their animals.

We are also respectful of the alpacas from which we obtain the wool. Their shearing is done in spring, the best time for their well-being, before it gets too hot for them.

The artisans who weave the wool and make the clothes are paid their fair share. We recognize their work as well as the traditional know-how they have.

So before you buy a women's cashmere scarf ladies, come and discover our incredible alpaca wool scarves first!

Discover all our colors and patterns, our scarves will be THE detail to perfect your outfit! You won't think about cashmere scarves anymore!

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