Woolen scarf

Woolen scarf
woolen scarf

What could be better than a warm woolen scarf to protect you from the cold in winter? Everyone wants to have a soft and comfortable scarf to keep warm when the temperatures start to drop. But you have to know how to choose it, especially if you suffer from allergies, because among all the possible wools, it is difficult to decide which one is the best for you.

We are sometimes forced to choose between comfort, style, hypoallergenic properties or not, because we do not find the perfect wool scarf that meets all our criteria and then we decide to make concessions on elements necessary for our well-being. Well, don't worry anymore! At Bellepaga, we will help you make the right choice and you will spend a warm winter with the most incredible wool scarf.

The different wools

There is a wide variety of wools. Some are warmer than others, softer... Among the most famous, we find merino wool, angora wool, mohair wool, shetland wool, and cashmere wool.

Merino wool is a sheep's wool often used for extreme sportswear such as mountaineering because it is very insulating and therefore allows climbers to be less cold when they are in the mountains. Moreover, it does not itch, it wicks moisture, it is light and has no smell.

Angora wool is obtained from a natural textile fiber of the angora rabbit. The hair is harvested using a method called depilation. Clothes made from this wool are soft, thermoregulatory, supple and moisture wicking. It is a fragile wool that requires a lot of maintenance and is often mixed with other materials like cotton because it can be very fine.

Mohair wool is considered a rare material, obtained from the angora goat. It is a fine wool, soft, which does not itch. No problem for the contact with the skin, if you find the other wools too prickly.

Shetland wool is a very fine and soft wool obtained from sheep. It is warm, resistant and allows to have clothes, like sweaters for example, very warm and not too bulky.

Finally, cashmere wool comes from the goat bearing the same name. It is a silky wool, very pleasant to the touch and which holds warm. It absorbs moisture and allows the evacuation of perspiration without having a smell.

What is alpaca wool?

There is another wool, with incredible properties, which is used to make wool scarvesalpaca-wool. This prestigious wool, nicknamed the "wool of the gods", is used in all Bellepaga products, including our wool scarves. It is a very soft, resistant wool, and 7 times warmer than sheep's wool (incredible, isn't it?). It is also thermoregulatory: it adapts to the temperature of your body or the room you are in to warm you up or not depending on the conditions. Thus, alpaca wool clothes, including wool scarves, keep you warm without making you sweat.

It is a very special wool, of a better quality than cashmere, which allows clothes made of this wool to have an extraordinary comfort. This wool is ideal for making clothes for hiking or winter sports, in winter or mid-season, because it keeps you warm without making you sweat. Of course, it is also recommended for everyday clothing, such as socks, sweaters, vests and, of course, for wool scarves.
This wool has allowed us to create a scarf that meets all your criteria, no need to make concessions!

Where does this alpaca wool come from?

At Bellepaga, all our products and the materials that make them up come from Peru, a country located in the west of South America, and more precisely from the high plateaus of the Andes Mountains, where alpacas live in freedom. This country was once an Inca city.

The wool is obtained during the annual shearing of adult alpacas, in spring, which is done with respect for these animals, at the time most conducive to their well-being. The clothes, like our woolen scarves, are made there, from this wool, by local craftsmen with exceptional know-how.

The finishing touches are done by hand, which guarantees an extreme quality of our products, much more than with an industrial machine. All our products are produced in Peru, in order to have access to the knowledge of the different producers and craftsmen and to the traditional weaving techniques of this country.

Advantages of an alpaca wool scarf
woolen scarf

As we have already explained, alpaca wool has incredible virtues that give clothes made of this material exceptional characteristics. Thus, our alpaca wool scarves, and more precisely baby-alpaca, are soft, warm and comfortable to wear. They do not scratch because they are hypoallergenic: alpaca wool does not contain lanolin, the allergenic substance that causes the allergic reactions that some people, like you perhaps, have to wool. This alpaca wool allows you to enjoy the pleasure of having a wool scarf, even if you are normally allergic to this material.

Alpaca wool is also thermoregulatory, which means that you can keep the wool scarf on all day if you want, to be warm without sweating on your neck and without being too hot either.
It is also a very resistant wool, much more than cashmere, and it does not pilling, which means that your alpaca wool scarf will have a long life. You can keep it for many years without its quality deteriorating.

For cleaning, it is quite simple. You can clean your alpaca wool scarf dry or by hand, between 10 and 20° with a soft shampoo for delicate wools (you can find some on our website if you need it). Do not use fabric softener, to avoid damaging the wool, and avoid the dryer, for the same reason. Instead, air dry flat, at a low temperature and without steam.

Why buy from Bellepaga?

At Bellepaga, we care about the environment, your well-being, the well-being of our artisans and the well-being of the animals from which we obtain our wool.

The alpaca is an ecological animal, which emits very few greenhouse gases and does not uproot vegetation to feed itself, unlike the goat for example. This vegetation can therefore grow back after being consumed and be used to feed the alpacas again.
The craftsmen and their traditional know-how, which has been passed on for many years, are justly rewarded.

Moreover, we do not use any chemical products for our products. The wool does not require any treatment, no bleaching with chemicals because we can obtain white alpaca wool without going through dyes and that the colors we put afterwards are obtained with natural pigments, not chemical dyes.

Everything is done to keep our ecological footprint as small as possible: our products are 100% natural.

Wool scarf for women
woolen scarf

The scarf has now become an essential element in your wardrobe. It can be worn with everything: a sweater, a shirt, a jacket. It allows you to be warm and gives in addition to that a more dressed up style to your outfit. Our scarf is easy to care for and hardly pills, so you can wear it as much as you want, whenever it gets cold! We have neutral colors like white, beige, gray, which can easily match any outfit. But we also have brighter colors like orange, turquoise, dalia (a shade of pink), which will allow you to create outfits that are out of the ordinary or will simply give a colorful touch to your outfit!

You can wear it in different ways: just put it on your shoulders, if you just want to add an element to your outfit, tie it around your neck by folding it in half beforehand, or just tie it, wrapping it around your neck.

You can of course wear it at home too, with your pajamas if you wish, to be warm in your living room!

Wool scarf for men
woolen scarf

For men as well, scarves are becoming more and more trendy. Many people associate these accessories, though mixed, with women's accessories, while they give a certain elegance to the outfits.

At Bellepaga we have different styles and colors of scarves, so you can match them to any
outfit. Their modern style allows them to be worn over sweaters as well as suits or shirts. Our wool scarves are virtually pilling free and easy to care for, so you can wear it as you like and as much as you like.

You'll see, you won't be able to live without it once you try it. This is THE detail that will change your outfit and make it more elegant.

So if you are convinced, try alpaca wool, you won't regret it!

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