Concept store in Uccle

Looking for a new place to shop? Come and discover the new concept store in Uccle, which is the ideal place to discover a wide variety of brands offering quality products.

A concept store is a single point of sale in which several brands are displayed, creating a synergy and a universe in which the common values of each brand are highlighted.
You can find many concept stores in Brussels, such as the BellePaga concept store at Galeries Royales and BellePaga & Friends in Uccle.

How does a concept store work? 


Today, the trend is to create shops that are also places for sharing. This is where the concept stores come from, notably the BellePaga & Friends concept store in Uccle.

These are shops that bring together several designers in one place. Each concept store mixes the different styles of the brands sharing the shop, to create a single universe. This is a real innovation in the world of sales.

The principle is to create more than just shops, but places of life where uniqueness is the order of the day. The designers who work together in the concept stores often share and convey the same values or offer the same products. This creates a universe of sharing and uniqueness between brands and thus between customers.

A concept store is a shop in which products from different sectors can be found, thus offering products adapted to the needs of each customer of the concept store. For example, jewellery, clothing, candles, tableware and many other products can be found in a concept store.
Concept stores make it easier for young brands to get known and for local brands that cannot afford a place in chain shops to be presented in physical outlets.

BellePaga & Friends 

BellePaga is a brand that was born almost 7 years ago and wanted to open not just a boutique but a concept store in Brussels. To understand the idea of its concept store, let's go back over the history of the brand that initiated this concept store in Brussels. BellePaga is a clothing and accessories brand that uses alpaca in all its products.

Alpaca is a soft fibre often associated with silk because of its softness and lightness, even though it is actually much warmer and more resistant.
Coming from Peru, it is actually more of a fibre than a wool as it does not contain lanolin (an allergenic and uncomfortable substance found in various wools). This natural fibre is also very resistant, thermoregulating and hypoallergenic. It therefore respects all skin types, even the most sensitive.
Called by the Incas the wool of the gods, this fibre was worn by emperors because it is extremely soft.

In September 2022, BellePaga announced the launch of BellePaga & Friends, a concept store in Uccle. This concept store in Uccle is located at Chaussée d'Alsemberg, 608.

At BellePaga & Friends you will find all the products of BellePaga but also those of about twenty designers. These designers, called Friends, are brands offering different products such as leather goods, clothes, bed linen, jewellery, teas and infusions, as well as floral decoration.

Why set up a concept store in Uccle?

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BellePaga, the brand that initiated this launch, has always advocated fundamental values such as sustainability and product quality, as well as locality, which it conveys in each of its products.

With the launch of this concept store in Uccle, the company wanted to create a place of sharing and uniqueness in which all the brands share the same values. Each BellePaga & Friends designer has been carefully chosen to offer the best products in this concept store in Uccle.

It is a way of offering the people of Brussels a place to live in which it is possible to find an atmosphere of serenity, through a neutral decoration reminiscent of nature and therefore the values of the brand linked to nature, fair trade and sustainable development.
By offering an alternative to local and quality brands, BellePaga & Friends enhances your experience as a customer by offering different fair trade products in a single outlet.

BellePaga listens to the expectations of its customers and the people of Brussels, who are increasingly looking for local and quality products. This is why this concept store in Uccle was the best answer to the expectations of its customers who can discover local quality brands.

A shop made up exclusively of Belgian designers

As you can see, our concept store in Uccle is in fact a shop for Belgian designers. In this concept store in Uccle, you will find local brands such as Versa Versa, the bag brand or the jewellery designers, Atelier Basaalt or Assaya, but also the t-shirt brand Hunch, as well as many other Belgian designers. BellePaga & Friends wants every brand to be on an equal footing. So in our concept store in Uccle, you will find a harmonious space where all these diverse creations combine perfectly to bring out a single universe of sharing and conviviality.

Whether you are a curious person, looking for a new concept, or a consumer of local brands, the concept store is the ideal place for you. This commercial and marketing concept, considered modern and innovative, allows you to find everything you need in one place. There are many concept stores in Brussels, but for those looking for a serene place to stroll in a hygge world, BellePaga & Friends is the perfect place for you. Come and find quality and durable pieces from our Belgian designers.

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